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  1. dp8

    Hello Everyone

    Hello blasterwaves. Welcome to the forum.
  2. dp8


    Hello Alice Welcome the forum. looking forward to you contribution.
  3. dp8


    Hello Dan welcome to the forum. its been a while i am here and the peoples are here very friendly. you are in right place.
  4. dp8

    Hi Im Carsten Hansen

    Hello Carsten Hansen Welcome to the forum!
  5. dp8

    Hello! :)

    Hello Callum Wilson ! Welcome to the WDF!
  6. It will be cool if you add some hover effects. this is too simple.
  7. dp8

    Developer Software for Mac

    Macbook! i am feeling a bit of jealousy. O Lord! when i am gonna have it?
  8. Thank you guys for your help. a friend of mine suggest me about ######.com and i sign up for it. its working fine. Thank you @nfc212. This is my company's website its not my own. @@Matthew
  9. Hi Everyone ! I have started learn web development (wordpress). i can setup a theme on localhost but i want to test it on a server. i am unable to buy domain and server at this time. is there any free hosting service available ? Thanks
  10. dp8

    Logo design feedback

    Thank you very much all for your feedback.
  11. dp8

    Before I go further!

    Layout is quite basic definitely need improvement. The hover effect of the navigation is funny.
  12. dp8

    Web page is not working in IE

    It will be better if you share a link or domain name. so other can look at it. i don't think someone will download your zip file.
  13. dp8


    " Whoever Kills a innocent person it is as if he killed all of humanity " (AlQuran). Extremely shocking and heartbreaking. Deepest condolences for all the ones affected!
  14. dp8

    Which is the best free slider for Wordpress?

    Use any slider you want. here are commonly used sliders for wordpress. 1: revolution slider 2: layer slider 3: master slider 4: flexslider