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  1. Plugins for Wordpress for the visually impaired

    I Think I have some work to do.
  2. I wouldn't recommend a website builder. They, generally speaking, don't work very well and can be very frustrating to use. We have Breeze and RVsitebuilder if people want to use them but generally speaking they don't. Hosting with c-panel is a lot easier to find and most hosting companies will do it (not all). I would try and pick the hoster based upon customer service rather than anything else. This can rule out a lot of the larger ones. Domain names is another story, what about www.professionalbirminghamlanscapingandgardeningandassociatedserviceslimited.co.uk
  3. Plugins for Wordpress for the visually impaired

    I think for accessibility needs to be planned right from the start with the overall layout and types of content that are incorporated. You have to focus on large, easily readable content and really you need audio support of some sort. I'm not recommending this link and know nothing about it but after a quick search I found this: http://www.spokentext.net/ . Downloadable mp3 recordings from website text.
  4. Looks very nice. Yes the logo is a bit small, also the .slogans text doesn't show up well on most of the photos. Looks good on the nice deep blue backgrounds but not on the sandy/stone backgrounds.
  5. Ignoring the intentional or unintentional use of an affiliate link EZPZhosting are a good company
  6. Image Costs For Web Designers

    That is the likely scenario. Its possible to overwrite this though. Currently we have steered away from using these images, but that may change if we sit down and spend some time thinking about it. Currently we only use images where we know the background of them.
  7. Image Costs For Web Designers

    For most Stock image libraries you do not have to pay a monthly subscription, it will be dependent upon how often you are going to require them. Stock image libraries also allow you to buy credit token with each image have a credit token value. Its not the cheapest way to do it on a per-image costing but it is good for low volume usage. Stock images are sterile, and mostly of the US which is very annoying, but they are still useful. As to search engine "filter by license" - I am a bit twitchy about how legitimate this is. We have not investigated the legal implications of using these images yet (although there are generally very few images listed when the filters are applied). i.e. just because google is telling me that the image is free to use is it actually so, where is the license information being captured from? If anybody know more about this search engine filter facility for images we would quite like to know.
  8. Responsive Images

    Great screencast, nice explanation of srcset and responsive images.
  9. Product Design & Investors ?

    I've always thought, what the world needs, more than anything else, is a new type of soup. You can't have too many different types of soup.
  10. Bad backlinks will have a negative impact on your page rankings and you will end up spending your time on googles disavow tool. Depending upon your goals (short term vs long term) it is important that content quality is the focus. The overriding aim of search engines focusing on quality content is not going to disappear so its better to focus on this as your time on seo is never going to be wasted i.e. quality content is always going to be quality content. However, forming alliances with other good quality content providers that could provide a relevent backlink partnership is a good idea, i.e a marketing consultancy website providing links to an affiliated web design company.
  11. IE7 Selector Style Issue

    IE7: NO IE8: depends on the client Charge extra for support of these browsers, they can be extremely time consuming and so this should be reflected in the pricing structure for the website.
  12. Product Design & Investors ?

    One thing you could try, in terms of product design and creating a working product that you can show to potential investors, is 3D printing. If you are good at 3D modelling then you will be able to create a 3D model file that you can use to 3D print. Its not quite that simple as it depends on how many parts etc.. and how it is put together. 3D printing is perfect for prototyping. I am going to be a bit cheeky here as we have some conflict of interest because we run a 3D printing store at www.idig3dprinting.co.uk. But if you have a look there in the news/blog section of the site there are some articles on 3D printers, materials & software. If you believe that you have a viable product, and its different, firstly, don't tell anybody, I mean anybody, what it is as you will need to get a patent. This is a somewhat involved process and will require a lot of research on your part to get right and to determine what patent services you will need to buy in (at some point you will need to get proper advice and services about patents to make it work but be careful as there are lots of charletons out there). Once you have submitted the patent then you can start looking for investors (you will own the patent not your investors). make sure that you do a lot of preliminary work on the design and get it working well.
  13. Should I move over to magento?

    I don't think the problem here is whether its wordpress, magento, drupal, Joomla or any other cms. Why not start off in the first instance by building yourself a simple static website, you can incorporate php and javascript into its build and use it as a training exercise. Building a static website will avoid any confusion about what you are actually doing that may be thrown up by the cms build itself, i.e. everything you see and everything that your website can do will be the result of your coding and nothing to do with the cms. It doesn't have to be a live site, use a virtual apache server and host it on that. As to getting clients, having a website is not necessarily the best way to get clients, especially if it has only been established for a short time unless you are directing potential clients to it through another marketing method. For example, we invested in an A1 board which we have out on a busy road, it has paid for itself multiple times. Your menu is not going across the whole width of the screen because its parent container (div) has its width limited, probably. Look up the hierarchy and see what styles are on those elements.