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  1. How do I hide the amount of stock from showing up when someone is buying something. My client has a lot of stock but showing that much is crazy stupid looking, LMK
  2. So I'm building an ecommerce site for a shoe company. They have about 15 products but a lot of variations. I'd like to set each product's price for all variations in one spot and only adjust the stock in the variations area. Is there a way to do this or am I stuck pricing each variation individually.
  3. Oh it's that easy? Okay. Thanks
  4. Hey I can't find the CSS style to style this button. You can find it on https://ashleyassists.mystagingwebsite.com/social-media/
  5. Hey all So, this WooCommerce site I'm building is getting complex. I think I have the attributes and variations done. But what I don't understand is where do I put the amount of stock in per variation? Help!!!!!!! Thanks a million
  6. Menu to show on mobile

    Yea working in it. Figured it out.
  7. A site I'm building out using WooCommerce needs to have some drop down options (Size, Width, Shank) for the ballet shoes. How do I do this in Woo?
  8. Menu to show on mobile

    My friend and client had a custom coded WordPress site done. She now wants me to take over the implementation of it. https://ashleyassists.mystagingwebsite.com/ I figured out what the previous developer did for the most part, but since it's not developed on a framework, I'm at a loss on some things. The latest is show to make the menu show up on a mobile device. Can someone help? Thanks in advance.
  9. So I've been doing SEO for quite a while and have had some really good success. The problem I'm facing is how to show these successes on my Web site portfolio. Any ideas
  10. Hi Everyone, I have a question. I have a client who is a residential contractor. They service all of Delaware, two counties in Pennsylvania (near Delaware) and one county in Maryland. Their home is in Newark Delaware, but I'd like them to show up in other town searches in these other counties. I know it's doable. Any suggestions and resources?
  11. I agree with redesigning it. I'm not a huge fan of bootstrap, but I agree it needs to be redesigned. The theme is bulky as hell. I didn't do this site, just trying to make changes. Hopefully the agency who did it can get the client to put some money behind it.