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  1. Why not just support the dev and give then $16 or code it yourself.
  2. Seth

    Tour Booking System

    Yes! There is a booking system for that. It's called WooCommerce Bookings.
  3. Seth

    What plugin is this?

    Good points bud. But any idea how to get that affect for desktop viewing? The client really likes it.
  4. Seth

    How to put a clickable map on my Wordpress site?

    User experience might be an issue, especially on mobile. Why not have a general Google Map of the area and have a list of the areas so people can choose from that. I know what you're getting at, but on mobile, which is increasingly important you need to be thoughtful of how it appears on phones.
  5. Seth

    Member Management System?

    Try Paid Membership Pro. It's free to try out. You just pay for support. I know the developers and their plugin is fantastic.
  6. Seth

    Alternative to iframes

    I agree with @fisicx iFrames are the wrong way to go about getting content on the site. Ultimately you want the page to reload and have content on individual pages not on the same URL.
  7. @fisicx First I've heard of it. Not doubting you, just haven't heard that before.
  8. Dude you are wrong. When the spider from the search engines pick up the links then you change them. There will be 404's. Permalinks are Permanent or should be thought as such once your site goes live. If you want to change them you use 301 redirects.
  9. @fisicx all good suggestions. I just want to try and avoid all those redirects later on.
  10. Yea so testing will be key. Thanks for all the insights.
  11. Thanks everyone. This is for a general contractor site. So for example: generalcontractorsite.com/portfolio/kitchen-renovations vs generalcontractorsite.com/kitchen-renovations I've opted for the 2nd version. Any reason why I should do the first?
  12. Seth

    SEO Basics

    This list/thread is great!
  13. Trying to figure out which way to layout the URLs in a new Website. I've done sites where sub sections aren't under their parent section and I've done some where they are. I've not see a benefit to either. Suggestions? my-website.com/subpage or my-website.com/parent-page/subpage Thoughts?
  14. Seth

    Inherited Website Need Speed Help

    Agree with all of this