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  1. wesh.uk

    Should I change hosts?

    Indeed, even our free SSL certificates with every cPanel account auto-renew, so there is no downtime.
  2. wesh.uk

    Should I change hosts?

    Hi Grant The only SEO disadvantages you could find are: Moving your website further away from your target audience, if your target audience is not global. Reduced server speed/page load times if new server is overloaded/oversold/slow. SEO Advantages? Quicker servers = faster pages = Better rankings :-) Find a host with servers closer to your audience = better rankings :-) Find a host who can talk to you on the phone, any day of the week and knows what they are actually doing = Better sleep at night :-) If the move is done correctly, the DNS update should take only 60 seconds, at most, and no holding page is required. Only name servers take several hours to propagate, but if the DNS records are managed correctly, you can migrate a site in seconds. SSL Certificates are now free too, or at least with us they are free, and auto-renew, so unless you have any specific needs for a paid SSL certificate, you may not need it at all as the free one from cPanel are just as good. Hope that helps... :-)
  3. wesh.uk

    Free or Cheap Hosting

    2 Ways you can do this... As a designer... 1. You can do it the easy way, and make yourself look good, and give yourself no headaches... 2. Try to get everything for nothing or cut corners, look like a complete amateur who doesnt know what he is doing, and lose business because of it, whilst building a bad reputation. At least if you do really want to follow option 2, as you have suggested, you wont be alone as there are a lot of "designers" following the path to nowhere. Heck we have picked up the peices for their clients countless times, often giving the work to our own hosting clients who we can actually trust to follow good practice..
  4. wesh.uk

    OVH.co.uk - Dedicated Server

    Also, with "Soft raid", the CPU is going to be doing ALL of the work, as it is software based RAID, not hardware.
  5. wesh.uk

    FAO Webhosts - SSL Question

    Cant say I understand their response.. "Manually install".. Like there is any other way to install an SSL? You cant install SSL's automatically on a cPanel server. What the heck does this mean: "functionality doesn't differentiate between regular SSL certificates and wildcard ones."??? It could just be a case that your wildcard SSL needs to be re-applied each time a new sub.domain is created due to the fact that wildcard SSL certificates are not automatically applied to new sub.domains by default... It can be a pain in the arse for everybody if you create lots of sub domains, but because you have your own VDS, they dont really need to do anything at all, they can just enable it for you to re-install / re-apply your own SSL anytime you like from within WHM, not cPanel. Your sub.domain, if setup correctly, should not re-direct back to the root URL either, something is wrong with it, or it has a redirect setup to do that.
  6. wesh.uk

    Moving Hosting

    Hi Al Depending on how you do it, yes and no. This is far best discussed with your actual hosting company, and their setup :-)
  7. wesh.uk

    Negative votes (down-votes)?

    If its not good, then it belongs elsewhere... Will only be another reason for people to fall out, even though humans dont normally need a reason :-)
  8. wesh.uk

    Buying new laptop

    Dell Lattitude laptops are great, and perform really well on games... I have an E series 13", on a docking station, running 2 x 24" screens and its brilliant... You can pick them up on eBay for cheap with great spec too, $300 to $400 should get you a really good one, plus docking station to use when not mobile :-)
  9. wesh.uk

    Please explain this

    As your in a bit of a bind... Drop us a note outside of this public chat and we can sort out a rather extended trial period at no cost if you want... Anything has to be better than suffering for so long and being skint because of it...
  10. wesh.uk

    Looking for hosting reseller account

    Hi Chris Transferring all your hosting sites is straight forward and can all be done in 1 hit, leaving only the name servers to be updated. You dont need to do anything with the transfer as everything comes across in 1 go, all cPanel accounts mailboxes, everything. Our hosting is all cPanel on Cloud Linux, so you wont have any issues with the transfers.. We do it at a time to suit you, ideally late at night, then you switch the name servers over and your clients are none the wiser their website has moved :-) Cost wise, we ONLY do "per-month" pricing. No asterix's, no catches or "only if you signup for X years in advance", just plain, simple 1 price, 1 plan, 1 frequency and you multiple your reseller plan as many times as needed :-)
  11. wesh.uk

    Please explain this

    Depends on the size a\nd types of websites, but 200 would be the absolute limit if they were all small brochure style websites doing not very much.. Average is about 100 to 150, we move things around from time to time as peoples websites grow and get busier, so our rule of thumb is never to load a server past 25% of what it is capable of doing, so that if the poop hits the fan, it wont affect anything. Its much easier to provide stability and quality with everything in smaller groups too. Waiting 8 months to find a new host though does sound like more punishment.. Could cost more than its worth in downtime? Thats 8 months where your rankings and headaches could both improve for the better.. Was probably them who were pestering us to buy WESH UK then, not long ago.... Told them to mind their own business and leave us alone :-)
  12. wesh.uk

    Please explain this

    That is where the headaches can start, because "Most" oversell. American hosting is rife with overselling. Its like all things, if you want cheap, you get less... So you save a few pounds a month on the hosting, but you then loose far more in hourly time dealing with the hassles that come from that, and also, potentially, the lost business from blacklisted servers where you cant send emails as they all bounce and/or hosting that is so far away from your actual audience that it doesnt rank at all for any search terms or performs so badly Google just refuses to touch it. Heart Internet for example, you will find several thousand+ per IP address, but yes, 850 is not good, far from it. I've yet to see a Heart server that has less than 1500+ on it.. The more you share with, the higher the risk you take basically, and alongside that, the lower your resource allocations are going to be, so CPU, Memory and other resources are going to be far smaller. Plus of course, if its so cheap, then where does the money come from to pay support staff? Well, as seems to be the case with quite a few now, it doesnt, they outsource the support to people who dont even work for the host, in Asia... If any of our guys put that many websites on 1 server, they better be sure they have another job lined up, because it would be the last thing they ever did :-)
  13. wesh.uk

    Please explain this

    Looks fairly normal, Hop 10 is your packet of data reaching the Netherlands... Still responding in a reasonable timeframe (24 milliseconds) Hop 11 is where things start to slow right down as it makes the leap to America and slows down, but nothing looks odd about this tracert.. The stars are just routers/firewalls that dont respond or timeout.. You are however sharing a server with over 800 Bloody websites!!!! No surprise its currently blacklisted too, on several blacklists for spamming, which might be related to your problems, as an overloaded server, then being abused can cause things to grind to a halt and fall over..
  14. wesh.uk

    Please explain this

    Ahh, your not using windows... Okey dokey, well, try this instead: http://mxtoolbox.com/NetworkTools.aspx All the way down at the bottom, "Ping" and "Trace", but those will however be tracing from the location of MXToolbox and not your own location, which is kind of the whole point, but is also good to know, as its a secondary place to check from when in doubt. If there is a command line equivalent for whatever system you are using, then thats the thing to try... Whats your website, if you dont mind us asking?
  15. wesh.uk

    Please explain this

    Hi Rhubarb It is possible, but would have been helpful if they had actually shown you how to test this whilst chatting with you. When its working fine and dandy, open a command prompt and type in: tracert yourdomainname.com <- Replacing that with your own domain name. This can show you where lengthy timeouts or even broken connections are happening along the way, and the path your data is taking to get from you, to your website. When its unresponsive too, a "ping yourdomainname.com" to your domain name, and then to its IP address can show if its a DNS problem or a server response problem, very simple and so very basic and quick to do, although not conclusive, it is a starting point. What made you choose to host your website abroad anyway? Is it targeting the audience of where it is hosted?