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  1. Hey, Well, I have had enough of all the fancy designs where I have to scroll and click all over the place to read content, and so I created a new design/layout for all pages on our site which should be much easier to navigate, and read. Please have a look and let me know what you think about our new Web Hosting company website design? Feedback much appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  2. Website Review

    Just an update. I did a lot of changes to the site mentioned by members in this thread. It looks a lot better now, thanks guys! Any other suggestions would be much appreciated as always.
  3. Website Review

    I replaced UK, US or SG with (choose during checkout) - any better? I will contact you at your email address regarding your fix website service
  4. Website Review

    Thanks for all the feedback fisicx. Will surely take this into consideration when coming up with a new design. I'm not quite sure what you mean by that comment as the default server location is actually UK!? You only have to use the dropdown menu during checkout if you wanted to select DE, US or SG. Again, UK is selected by default as can be seen in the attached screenshot.
  5. Website Review

    I've removed the sub-menu as it's a little unnecessary anyway. Removing it may help page load faster on mobile devices etc too. I'm not sure what you mean about the slider loading incorrectly? I notice at first it quickly loads without the slider, but it appears in like half a second. Is that really an issue? I think designer did that for faster page loading times? I could ask him. If it annoys users then I'd definitely want to get that corrected. Regarding annoying animations do you mean the slider issue like above or the pictures on the About page? Thanks for the feedback guys! Much appreciated. All the best, Chris
  6. Website Review

    Hi Reviewers! We have updated our website a lot over the years with changes such as reducing the amount of hosting plans to choose from making it easier to pick a plan, making website mobile friendly, setting up server status page ( https://www.hostxnow.com/status ) , forcing SSL for all pages for extra security and to gain more trust, and basically just making it easier to find information. Please take a look and let us know if you think there are any further changes which we could make to help gain new customers and make it easier for existing customers to use our website http://www.hostxnow.com Do you think us adding SSL Certificates and cPanel Management to the top navigation menu is good or just having those in bottom footer is enough, keeping only web hosting services links at the top of the page!? All construction feedback is most welcome! Best regards, Chris
  7. Backup all sites/DB's - WHM Reseller account

    You can use WHMEasyBackup to create copies of the cPanel accounts to an offsite backup account. We offer offsite backup accounts at http://www.remoteftpstorage.com
  8. Offering Storage

    You may also like http://www.remoteftpstorage.com
  9. Webhosting: beginners question

    The only web hosting provider comparison site that is not affiliate driven is http://www.freewebhostingdir.com Good luck with your search!
  10. New hosting service for designer

    I would recommend using a VPS as they are generally more secure and reliable than a Reseller account plus you can customise environment with a VPS. You can get some really good deals for VPS if you look around!
  11. Website Review

    Thanks for feedback buzar! Much appreciated.
  12. Website Review

    Hi WDF members, I think now would be a good time to update our website design. Last time I updated our website design was in 2011 just over 3 years ago (dam that went quick) and many seemed to like the design (can check here), but is it now time to update to the more modern designs like at https://akdesigner.com/ who specialise in web hosting designs? But no point forking out money if a new design isn't needed. Would also be interested if there are any designs at WDF who can create web hosting designs. Hope you can all provide some feedback. Thanks, Chris
  13. Please Review my Logo Design..

    I think the 1st one is strongest too.
  14. Comments/Feedback/Critique on my logo please

    Looks good to me. Chris
  15. My site

    Design looks really good.