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  1. Ads in Drop Down Menu

    Ok, so this is a slightly strange request but my clients have asked me to put in some ads that appear to the side of the drop down menu text... I have had a quick couple of searches of plug ins but can't find anything suitable for this. Any suggestions? Or what alternatives would you suggest? It's a tourist website that also sell advertising space to local businesses and vacation rentals
  2. Free or Cheap Hosting

    I doubt it will consist of more than a dozen pages. The most taxing thing on it will be an application form and maybe some nice gallery sliders. Planning on making it Wordpress. We've decided to go with Host With love - Thanks Inventive for the suggestion. Also found some discount vouchers online. Well let the fun commence. Thanks guys
  3. Free or Cheap Hosting

    Thanks for the feedback guys. Can you suggest a good reasonably priced hosting setup? This will just be a brochure style wordpress website so don't need any special features really. Just a reliable service. He is based in Mexico and most of his clients will be coming from North America. So maybe better to go with a US side server? What do people think about the Wordpress.com or GoDaddy deals?
  4. Free or Cheap Hosting

    i'm building a wordpress site for a friend and we need either free or cheap hosting. So far they all seem to have some kind of draw back (like being down for 1 hour a day, or not being able to use your own domain name with it). Can any of you recommend a free web hosting service that actually has no major drawbacks for a simple brochure style website? Or a really cheap one. I've been checking out these guys: http://www.go4hosting.com/uk/shared-hosting.htm and they say they are less than a buck a month. GoDaddy is $4 and many other companies are coming in at 3-4 bucks a month. Anyone have any experience with them? Thoughts?
  5. Review my new hosting company

    I will test run it for you with a wordpress site I need to build for a friend.
  6. Animations in HTML 5

    Hi All, I want to make some simple animated backgrounds for a clients websites. Probably something like rotating and drifting hexagons. Any advice on an easy way to do this? Regards Rich
  7. Div that appears onclick

    Thanks guys, Span, your code didn't work, for some reason everything stopped functioning. It seems like the Jquery is adding stuff to my Divs and styles throughout the code. I have been experimenting with having a couple of sections in my website in the accordion but for some reason the drop down Divs are coming out massive, and nothing I do to the css (inline or external stylesheet) seems to make a difference. I have looked at the Jquery files, but I can't see what is doing it... Any idea on how to fix it? Is there a way I can over-ride the styles that the Jquery seems to be adding? http://www.mason-uk.co.uk/flexible-pipe-connectors2.asp Thanks so much guys
  8. Div that appears onclick

    Sorry if I wasn't very clear. But you have more or less got it. The issue these guys have is that they are an engineering company in a small niche market with highly bespoke products. So the pages are very information heavy to try and explain what these products are. The idea is to save space. It is more of an enquiry basket form because of the bespoke nature of the products involved. Here is a link to the test page I've been working on. http://www.mason-uk.co.uk/flexible-pipe-connectors2.asp Scuse the design, slightly scruffy in places, but the tarting up can come later once the bones are functioning. That Jquery code you gave me works great Milli05. But how do I set the default to hide? So the DIV doesn't load open but they viewer has to click to view it? Thanks!
  9. Div that appears onclick

    Hi All, Working on an old website that needs an online shop added to it. There are a lot of product types for each product (up to 40 variations in some cases). So we wanted the listings of these products to appear / disappear when a button is clicked. What is the best way to do this? Can it be done with straight HTML (seem to remember something about it being possible in HTML 5 or CSS 3 but maybe I'm wrong) or is Javascript / Jquery necessary? Does anyone have any sample code they could give me? Kind Regards Rich
  10. Pop Ups - Add to Basket - Shopping Cart

    Hi, I am working on an old and very bespoke website for a client of mine. We are adding a shopping cart to the website at the moment, but the client has asked for it to appear as a pop up. At the moment I am working on a test page here: http://www.mason-uk.co.uk/flexible-pipe-connectors2.asp The cart is roughly working ok (still ironing out a few minor glitches). You can see what I have at the very bottom of the page, that is the bit we want to appear as a pop up. Some products will have up to 40 variations, so it will need to be able to scroll. Ideally it will not be a full browser window. But my question is to you all; What type of pop up code would work best for this? The website is responsive too. I haven't really used Pop ups much before, but we would want it to be able to draw information from a database and if possible appear at different sizes for different monitors. It would also need to move to the basket page once a customers has selected what products they want. The basket page would appear within the same pop up ideally. Thanks
  11. Glitchy Drop Down Menus

    Hi all, I have been getting some feedback regarding the drop down menus sometimes appearing a bit glitchy on this website: www.mason-uk.co.uk Most of the time they are fine, but sometimes if the site is loading slowly, they go a bit flickery and glitchy. This seems to be mostly seen in Google Chrome, but I have also occasionally seen it in Firefox. Any idea what might cause that? Or how to solve it? Kind Regards Rich
  12. CSS Prob with Youtube iframe

    I disagree with some of what you say but thanks for the feedback. The photos are relevant and the products and past projects are related to the service (or vis versa on other pages). The photos show engineers how the products are used at various stages of installation, but perhaps these could be more clearly labelled. I agree there should be a call to action, and the meta tags for keywords does just use the database entry for the first two paragraphs. I will remove that if you think it will help our SEO. The font size seems right to everyone in the office and we have some of our team that are longsighted and in their 60's. Also on our monitors the background is a very light grey with a dark font on top. Although we will consider lightening it. There are too many buttons to be able to do much at smaller screen sizes except use extensive drop down menus. Not sure how we could get around it. Yes much of the copy needs to be reviewed. Thanks for reminding us about that. Thanks for your feedback.
  13. CSS Prob with Youtube iframe

    Thanks Fisicx, Just reading the article now. Can you give me some pointers on the main areas that need looking at? What is wrong with the meta data?
  14. CSS Prob with Youtube iframe

    Please help guys. I should be able to sort this out but I can't do it. First of all, to see what I am doing, click this link: http://mason-uk.co.uk/service.asp?pid=1#.Vxmc8UeS8qj about half way down there are three youtube videos, each one has slightly different CSS to try and get it to do what I want. None of them are doing what I want. Argh! What I would like is for each of those videos to be aligned in the center. I have tried the CSS of setting margin to auto and width-"100%" but it doesn't seem to work. They are seriously nested tables and I need it to be responsive too as the rest of the website is. CSS .youtube { margin:auto; padding-bottom:5px; width:100%; } Thanks so much
  15. Thanks Fisicx How do you go about organsing those inline high quality links? Is there a website that can get them?