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  1. VerdinaNET

    Please Rate my Website

  2. VerdinaNET

    Which design is better and why, please?

    You are welcome, i believe you made the right choice:)
  3. VerdinaNET

    Which design is better and why, please?

    I vote for design B because i like more the visible boundaries between the different fields. All white is not good got my eyes also:(
  4. VerdinaNET

    Music while working

    These realaxing sets do the same thing for me. Focused and relaxed at the same time. Perfect combination:)
  5. VerdinaNET

    Music while working

    Use this when i have to be extreamly concentrated or just when relaxing:)
  6. VerdinaNET

    Please Rate my Website

    Just looked at it. Look nice. Plain and simple. You can try some different theme, there might be something that suits more to bags title.
  7. Bad support is one of the wors things you can get from your host:( Many companies outsource their support in Bulgaria because payment is cheaper. The results can be seen obviously!
  8. VerdinaNET

    Which Laptop should I get for Web Designing?

    The best possible option is custom PC, not a branded one. Brand adds 20% cost. The best performance is with the PC. A friend or guys in a computer store will assemble you just the perfect PC for your needs. Laptops are encreasing performance lately more than ever but just not enough to compete with PC except if its 3000$ or more wich in not cost effective. But if all option mentioned above aren't right for you than for laptop i would recommend lenovo thinkpad as for workstaiton. I know they are quite powerful and reliable.
  9. VerdinaNET

    5 Big Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

    You are right that meeting at a conference isn't social media strategy:) That was just example that you have to target the right audience. I thing that for finding the right clients you have to have strategy. Maybe over 90% of serious companies if not more have sites, facebook page and any social media sign. I don't say i am 100% right, thats just my logic.
  10. VerdinaNET

    New here

    I am not that far from you guys:) Hi to all
  11. VerdinaNET

    What OS do you prefer?

    Ubuntu someone ?
  12. VerdinaNET

    List of Social Networking Sites

    It will be appreciated Axphey
  13. VerdinaNET

    5 Big Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

    At least you wont sell them to the fruit market Right ? The strategy here would be to look for people who seek for this product, go to some construction conference, contact people who use these posts. Something like that.
  14. VerdinaNET

    List of Social Networking Sites

    Does anybody mentioned olx ? There are options too.