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  1. Hi Nock cheers for the response, yeah node will be something i'll be learning along the way as part of javascript. regarding the user login/review submission, will MySql take care of that, or will JS/node be enough?? (apologies for the noob queston)
  2. so then people, hope your all well! so i'm off work this week ( a week of rest till i start my new job on monday) so i've actually decided to start putting something together with what little info i have in my head so far (mostly just html and css to be honest, not even really touched the surface on javascript, although i'm fully aware of loops, variables, functions, etc..) the site i've started to knock up, is a tv show and movie review site. now i'll be honest, it looks terrible at the moment, pretty much just started to know up the main content, obviously have the usual things in there at the mo, links to youtube showing trailers for various shows/movies, but still pretty bland. i need to get a fair bit more css knowledge in me, to prettify it all up! just wondering a couple of things really.... what would you guys like to see in a review site? what do you appreciate in one you already frequent maybe? and also, are there any free hosting sites that i can upload this for test purposes, so i can let you lot ridicule it as it goes through the creation process? cheers
  3. His avatar is of zyzz, he had a big fanboy following a few years ago on bodybuilding.com. Unfortunately, his steroid abuse along with his heart condition caught up with him, so he died in his very early 20's. Sad, but a common thing when you get swept away with steroid abuse
  4. I think your next post, should be of some actual work, not just another question akin to 'its raining today, does that mean i wont get this job??' The people here are fountains of knowledge, but lets face it, they arent here to hold your hand and tell you everything will be alright. Life isnt a disney animated movie. You want something.... You work for it.
  5. Nail on the head with this one i'd say. Never a truer word spoken
  6. But when they finish, they play warcraft
  7. God damn them nerds, who keep wanting to improve their skillset, and maybe, just maybe, enjoy what they spend their time doing, whether it be in their worklife or homelife.....
  8. just do what i do when the mrs is 'yet again' wrong, as she's giving me a b*llocking..... just smile and say ''okay dear'', and pretend they are right in the end.... like the saying goes.... ignorance is bliss
  9. gents, the initial bickering was somewhat endearing and amusing.... alas now..... its getting a bit much and has derailed a few threads now.... time to maybe draw a line under this?
  10. how do you learn?

    I suppose the 'by doing it' is the obvious answer, but i was wondering about how you got the theory behind what your about to start playing with
  11. Please review my website

    Well the log in page is nice enough.... But erm..... Thats all we can see
  12. how do you learn?

    Hi all! So, like the title suggests, i'm interested in how people keep up to date with all the ongoing updates with the world of web design/development... As i'm learning the development side via video tutorials, (through Treehouse) i'm finding my attention seems to wander, sometimes wishing they would hurry up and get to the point, then just wishing there was transcript to just read through, as i can read something probably 2 or 3 times over, in the time a certain video would have played.... Sorry.... slight rant there (no disrespect to T/H mean, i guess its just down to personal preference with these things) So, over to you lovely folk. Whats your preferred poison? Side note: if anyone would like to recommend some good reading material (either eBooks, or webpages) for learning development, well that would be just fine and dandy
  13. Really looking at the development side more than designing, more interested in programming than really having a design flair. Currently, gone through a fair bit on html and css, dipping my toe into javascript this week. Thanks for the heads up on the other couple of sites, i'll check them out. Read your blog the other day about how you started off, was a good read fella
  14. Hi all, i'm looking at knuckling down and getting back into the learning game (had been put on hiatus due to buying a house, sorting that, and learning a new job, which i now hate!) So anywho, currently looking at some stuff on lynda.com, as i seem to pick up things better with video tutorials. Anyone on here going through/been through their stuff? Will i get what i need from them?
  15. Good evening all (depending on your timezone.... and when you read this ) this seems like this place could be a little treasure trove of information, so thought i'd register. so buckle up and brace yourselves for a barrage of questions but not just yet... for now, well, obviously i'm wanting to get into the wonderful (seemingly overflowing with people already!) world of web design/development i've downloaded myself a copy of web design for dummies (apt title for me really) so i'll work my way through that, and go from there. anyone have any other suggestions to have a look at after that/instead of that? thanks for taking the time to read this (and no, i cant give you back the minute of your life you've wasted reading this tripe! )