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Fast and clean wordpress theme

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Anyone suggestions for a fast and clean wordpress theme?


When googling around I always get themes with pagebuilders in them and my experience is that they impact the sitespeed a lot.


I want to make a fast loading website. with simple / minimalistic design ... yet looks professional :-)


thanks a lot


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What's the effect of wordpress itself on loading speed? I honestly don't know but I have heard it said that if speed is you priority you might be better to use good old html files or a flat file CMS.

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The only 3rd party Wordpress themes I've ever analysed were all bloated and slow, by its very nature as soon as you add plugins to Wordpress you start adding bloat.


I agree with TimW, if you want speed and clean you're better off with a "clean slate" CMS so you can build with speed in mind, or use regular .html files.

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