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  1. Would be much better if you just posted the code on github or codepen. Watching you write code on a video isn't that helpful - especially as you aren't explaining what you are doing. There is no dialogue or captions.
  2. fisicx

    Browser Support

    This is where your analytics help. Look at device and browser usage and see if anyone is using older browsers or browsers that don't support the feature you want to use. I've been using grid on sites for a while now and never had any problems.
  3. Not too difficult to do but not if you are using wix Have you built the grid?
  4. No it’s not. Have you even tried some of others?
  5. fisicx

    SEO Basics

    Have you even read the thread?
  6. fisicx

    SEO Basics

    Do you actually know what AMP is? AMP is not an SEO thing. It's a way for Google to cache news stories that you can read without having to visit the source website. And a PWA isn't going to help either. It may deliver a great user experience but building one won't boost your ranking
  7. fisicx

    My emails been spoofed!

    Which may well happen anyway.
  8. fisicx

    Can Flipbooks be updated via the Internet.

    Better still, don’t have a flipbook. Build a proper ecommerce store. That way people can search for products, you can add video samples, let people buy multiple products and so on. And google can find and index the products which means more people will find and buy.
  9. fisicx

    Can Flipbooks be updated via the Internet.

    No you can't. Accessing someone else's computer and updating their files is what hackers do. There is a very simple solution. You keep the catalogue on your website and you send clients the URL. No need to send out a CD to anyone.
  10. If you know the discount before the page loads then you just need a simple JS loop that counts down from the full price to the discount value. It's not a difficult thing to do but does depends on what platform you are using.
  11. Ok. So where are you going to begin? Getting the content sorted is probably something you need to tackle as soon as possible. After that I’d look at the page loading speed.
  12. @Morris Edwards Everything in your post is wrong.
  13. fisicx

    what about my own privacy?

    You don’t need to pay for privacy on Whois anymore. Your details will not appear in the report. That doesn’t mean people won’t be able to find out who you are or where you live, it just won’t be so easy. If you want privacy don’t use the internet for anything. But even then, it’s possible for many online services to hold a lot of personal data about you. And sell it on to advertisers and other data management businesses.
  14. fisicx

    My emails been spoofed!

    The main problem with spoofing is you get the 'undeliverable' message. The recipient's email system rejects the spam and you get the report. It's this that causes all the pain not the fact an email was sent from using email address.
  15. fisicx

    My emails been spoofed!

    Then you are stuffed until they give up. SPF does help but a lot depends on how your host is managing your emails. You need to talk to them. A client of mine had 43,000 emails in less than 24 hours - that's with DKIM, and SPF enabled.
  16. fisicx

    My emails been spoofed!

    Disable the email account and leave it for a couple of weeks. The spammers will stop using it after a while so you can enable it again.
  17. Back to basics. I assume the purpose of the site is to generate leads. You will be marketing your services and prospective clients will visit your site to see if you can help them out. This means you need to sell your services on the homepage. Show people what you can do as soon as they land on the homepage. Bin the huuuuuge hero image and show me thumbnails of your websites. The grid you have lower down the page is good - move this up to the top. You offer 6 different services - each one of these should lead to a new page detailing each service. On these page show examples of your work and link to project pages. I know you have links from the 'what we do' page but you also need these on the homepage. Take a look at your branding page - the CSS is a bit wonky. Add your email and phone to the contact form. Put your address in the footer. The contact form leads to an unformatted error page or this page: https://www.biobreakwebdesign.co.uk/what-we-do/send_form_email.php Reconsider the SM links - you want people to come from those site not to those sites. Agree about the sticky header. People use phones and tablets a lot so make it easier for them to navigate. The site does look pretty but you need to sell your services.
  18. I use Wordpress. There are loads of really great photographer themes you can get for around $50. you will need hosting but after that everything is free forever. You also have the opportunity to add pretty much any feature you want using plugins. For free. And if you don’t like the photographer themes there are thousands of others to choose from. Many of them free and all responsive so the site still looks great on a phone. Or use Square Space and keep paying forever
  19. fisicx

    How to change Wordpress menu labels?

    That's for the core dashboard labels. The Portfolio is a custom post type initiated by the theme. The name/label has to be registered using a theme function: https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/register_post_type/
  20. fisicx

    SKY nternet keeps dropping out.

    We've got Virgin and only ever have a problem when the local switch falls over. That happens once every few months for a couple of hours. Virgin uses a lot of the old NTL network - the one Thatcher endorsed and where they dug up everybody's path and bodged the resurfacing. The box on the the wall even still says NTL on the cover.
  21. fisicx

    How to change Wordpress menu labels?

    Not sure what you are trying to achieve. Nobody but you will ever see the dashboard menu so why do you want to change the label? However.... The label is set in the theme custom post type registration. Not easy to change without a plugin or adding a theme function. Or you can overwrite the label in the custom post type registration function but this means you will never be able to update the theme.
  22. Find another designer. Anyone forcing you to share links should be avoided.
  23. Don't do this. Might seem like an easy win to start with but if you want the website to be a key element in your marketing strategy you will regret your decision. A good CMS offers far more than cargo collective does. Features you haven't thought of yet may not be possible with cargo but freely available on the better supported platforms. And with a most CMS platforms you can switch themes in seconds without changing your content. And cargo create truly awful code which Google doesn't like. The few I looked at scored 30/100 on the speed test. And this will affect your ranking.
  24. @JoeEst Not sure your list is that accurate. Meta tags aren’t ranking signals, backlinks aren’t always needed and social won’t help ranking.