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  1. Is PSD to HTML conversion service a profitable business?

    @ Mike :- There are all type of people in every country. Even your country might have some ****ty reputation for something . I think we are here to discuss good things and not to tell each other who is caring the **** . I hope you understand.
  2. Is PSD to HTML conversion service a profitable business?

    I cant understand why you people behave like an insane. It seems that you do not want our country to progress. It is clearly visible. If you guys have such problems with our country, why have you kept registrations open ? This is so disgusting.
  3. Is PSD to HTML conversion service a profitable business?

    Thank you everyone for your replies. I think that its ultimately the attitude. @ Mike :- Your fellow country men have all but sh*t all over your countries reputation. You gave me this statement . Would love to let you know that a person from your country has placed an order with us. Also, we advertised our website on some blogs and now we are receiving good traffic. @ robbydesigns :- Thanks for your suggestion. Can you let me know if anyone is looking out for such service. I will be happy to work.
  4. Is PSD to HTML conversion service a profitable business?

    I am targeting this business primarily in Euro Zone, US and Canada.
  5. Hello guys, I am a HTML Developer and I am inspired by PSD TO HTML Conversion sites like PSD2HTML.com, Codemyconcept.com. So, I just want to know that whether there is any market for such services where designer would outsource their PSD to HTML conversion services. I have launched a PSD to HTML brand called PSD To Manythings and the website name is not relevant. It has almost been a year but I am not receiving any good amount of orders for this service. I want to know how should I promote this service and bring in more business. It seems that there is already a lot of competition going around in the market and I want to know how to be the best . Really need your help guys. Any advice from anyone of you will be really appreciable. Thanks in advance. Regards, Pratik G Ghela