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  1. Static to Responsive: The impact on SEO?

    I would like to take this conversation further. Would you be happy to contact me directly via the website?
  2. Static to Responsive: The impact on SEO?

    It is a very good question! We sell ski holidays - www.theskisafari.com - and have sold 80% of available places for the coming season, mainly to UK based clients. Strategically, we want to broaden our target markets, specifically to include USA, Canada, Australia etc. and our perception is that we need a responsive site to attract these markets ... maybe! Life is never simple ...
  3. Static to Responsive: The impact on SEO?

    Interesting. I was simply thinking of removing the 'old' site. I will investigate this further.
  4. We have a well established static site which scores well on many keyword terms. We have learnt a lot from this site and wish to redesign a responsive site with new structure. If we carry the 'old/successful' content through to the new responsive design under the new url structure, do we loose all our SEO legacy? All thoughts, comments and ideas welcome.