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  1. danners2003

    Hello from London

    Hi mate, welcome to the forum.
  2. Nice one Rallport, thanks for letting us know.
  3. danners2003

    Hello everyone

    Hi mate, welcome to the forum You need to make about 20 odd spam posts first lol.
  4. danners2003

    Which Laptop should I get for Web Designing?

    Good to hear got myself an Acer just before my birthday, my old one packed up. Really impressed so far, little things like not waiting half hour before I can use it has increased my work load by a bit. Fairly cheap as well for it's specs.
  5. danners2003

    Making Money Online

    Wrong forum bud, I know some of the guys on here do a few bits on the side but you probably want to look for an entrepreneurs forum if you want relevant answers. Cheers,
  6. danners2003

    Responsive Grid Query

    Keep your width and add max-width:100%; to the container.
  7. danners2003

    Double Margins ?

    So you want the margins or you want the paddings? Sure you can alter those with media queries
  8. danners2003

    Degree or not

    From what I have seen, if a job is posted by a employment agency they will bang on about how many degrees you need, if it's posted by someone who works in the industry they mention wanting to see your portfolio. Equally the only person I've ever heard singing the praises of having the qualifications to work in this field happened to have the qualification. Right now I don't see why it should make a difference.
  9. Alright it's about time someone asked: Who Killed Lucy Beale? Let's see who's willing to commit before the show.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. cherrydesigns


      Her dad? lucky guess..

    3. teodora


      It was me, I admit it :D

    4. danners2003


      We were wrong, it was her 5 year old brother with a jewelry box.. I aint convinced yet. Would have made more sense if it was teodora.

  10. danners2003

    Ways to create a template in Joomla

    Joomlas not bad it's hard to get used to but once you do there are a few things that I like better than WordPress. I'd probably stick at it if I was you, every designer and his brother can work in WordPress, Joomla's a bit more of a niche. Back to the subject of the thread - I wouldn't bother using a WYSIWYG unless you want a whole heap of BS coded up. Can you write HTML & CSS? If so then there was a video on Lynda.com that showed you exactly what you want to know: http://www.lynda.com/Joomla-1-6-tutorials/Creating-and-Editing-Custom-Templates/69505-2.html I've made some fairly large updates to Jommla sites before and it was good fun. Bit of a love hate thing going on but it's great.
  11. LOL no one will want to comment on this in case they get a good forum hiding. Your timing was terrible. I'm going to risk it. Looks alright man but text aside I have no idea what that site is about. I'm a lazy bastard and don't want to read anything. I want to see some nice images of what you can do for me. I personally don't think it helps to talk in third person if you are an individual. It starts the relationship off bad - I used to work for someone that talked in third person all the time when I knew it was one person sitting in his attic. It just got more and more awkward every time he said "we" and I started to wounder if he had some kind of issue, but overall made me distrustful. That being said if you are a team then you definitely need some pictures of you guys. I also just noticed you've switched to first person on the services page. Stick to one or the other. I think what I'm trying to say is It's a pre built WordPress theme so there's not really much we can comment on design/code wise. So I'm attacking the content Nice lizard graphics btw mate. Peace.
  12. danners2003

    What do you do?

    Long walks, somewhere peaceful. Drinking only makes things worse (for me). Depends how much your struggling I suppose. Exercise is obviously the best way to deal with this, as we spend all day up in our head we need to move our body - but it's been said so many times I wanted to share my favorite way. I live by the sea, out in the country so it's really nice here of an evening.
  13. danners2003

    PHP vs ASP

    I've only had work in ASP come up once - think I posted about it on here as well and I didn't exactly have the time of my life with it. It's probably good if you work with it a lot but most work that comes in to me is WordPress or bespoke CMS's using PHP. I second the request that members not be boring btw.
  14. danners2003

    Justin - Norwich webdesigner

    Does look cool, not sure about the hard work part though lol. Brave move on your behalf to quit your job and go, good man.
  15. danners2003

    Justin - Norwich webdesigner

    That sounds pretty cool dude wouldn't mind visit some of them places myself one day. Welcome to the forum.