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  1. Hey, I have created a website and on one of the pages you can listen to music my friends have made. I want to make these tracks downloadable. How do I make mp3 files downloadable? Cheers
  2. Digitalme

    Help for a beginner on CMS

    Thanks for your responses guys, what I'm wondering now is, if I make a website on dreamweaver, will I be able to use Wordpress/Drupal/joomla as the CMS? Or would I need to build the website on those? Really appreciate your help!
  3. Digitalme

    Help for a beginner on CMS

    Hi, I am new to web design. So far I have learnt, HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQUERY and dreamweaver. I want to learn about CMS, what is best way to go about this? I build websites using dreamweaver, but if I build a client a website and they want to manage/update themselves, then I would need to provide them a CMS, but I have no idea how to do this or what I need to do this? Can someone help me out? What steps I need to take? Should I learn PHP first? Or, there is a course on joomla and or Drupal local to me, should I start by going to those courses. I have no idea. Thanks for your time and help!
  4. Superb information there, thanks! I will look into these. "Marketing first, law after", again, great piece of info!
  5. Oh right, it's something I will need to do, cos I remember I mentioned it to someone who works at the bank a few months ago, and they said I am not supposed to charge people from my personal account. I figured I may as well just open up a business account. Apart from opening a business account and registering with the tax office, is there anything else?
  6. Digitalme

    I've redesigned my website...

    Wow, thanks for all your response guys, brilliant! Sorry it's taken me ages to come on here to check up on my feed back, but I've been soooo busy! But great responses, and I will take it all into consideration.
  7. Hello all! After December I will be going self-employed becoming a freelance web designer, and obviously charging clients for websites (so far I have been making websites for free). So far, the legal aspects of what I have to do are: 1) Open a business account with the bank. 2) Register my business with the tax office. That's all that I am aware of so far. Is there any thing else I need to know in regards to the legal aspects when it comes to starting up a small business/becoming self-employed?
  8. Digitalme

    I've redesigned my website...

    Thanks for the brilliant reply. Yeah, my written content is something I gotta work on, I definitely need to work on my pitch. I will look into it and read about it more. Lol... I wasn't too sure how my portfolio layout would come across. I do agree that simple screenshots are more effective, but dam I do like that apple product thing, lol. I must admit, I did go for style over substance there, lol. Oh, I have got a contact form with with an anti-spam validation function, did it not come up on your end? Cheers for the response, you've given me plenty to think about!
  9. Hey! I designed my first website and posted it up on here for review... it received mixed reviews, Lol, that's cool though cos most of the feedback helped me, i'm still very much in my learning process phase, so all feedbacks were most welcomed and appreciated. I have recently redesigned the same website, and I would love some feed back from you guys. Here it is......... LINK I'm still new to the game, and I'm still learning, so i'd love to hear what you think. Nervously awaits your replay Thanks! (LINK)
  10. Hey, This year I've learned how to create websites using HTML, CSS, and a bit of Javascript. I use Dreamweaver to code. I've made a couple of sites for free for a few people, but in 3 months I am going to start going freelance, and charge people for websites. Because I am really new to web design, I have learned how to code in Dreamweaver, but everywhere I read about web designing, I keep hearing about CMS are used by clients to manage their websites by themselves. I had no idea this was the case. 1) So, I was wondering, if I make websites by coding in Dreamweaver, how can I provide clients with a CMS? 2) Every where I read about it seems to suggest you have to use things like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. Does that mean if my client wants a CMS I will have to code their website using things like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal? I was under the assumption that coding websites using Dreamweaver and/or Notepad/++ were industry standards.
  11. Digitalme

    Which web developing course?

    Is Treehouse a free online tutorial?
  12. Digitalme

    This is Bizarre!

    Thread's of this nature clearly warrants one. It's a massive oversight by the makers of this forum, but I'm willing to turn a blind eye. For now.
  13. Digitalme

    This is Bizarre!

    I randomly google'd my web address, and I stumbled upon something interesting, check this out... Ok, this is a thread I posted here on this web design forum, notice what I have said in the first couple of sentences to open the thread, and notice the user Renaissance-Design's reply's. Notice our first few exchanges.... Link. NOW.... Check this out.... Link2 It's the same exact same post, same reply's, but with a few words changed, but it is still the same thing! And that is not me or Renaissance-Design! I did not post that! But that is my website address added! lol. What the funk is all that about? *whistles the X-Files theme tune* I have no idea if this is the appropriate place to post this thread, but there doesn't seem to be a Mind-f'k section in this forum.
  14. Thanks for the response. Yeah I think that's the best thing to do, but he seems just as clueless as me when it comes to hosting, which is why he wants me to do it. I'm doing his website for free because I am trying to gain experience before I feel confident about going freelance Thanks again pal
  15. I am doing a website for someone, and he wants his website be go online/published this week. I have only uploaded a website once, and that was for myself with my own website, so I am still not very clued up about uploading to a web hosting company, etc. I will be using namesco.co.uk to host the website. So, who purchase the hosting space? Me or him? I don't mind doing it for him, but won't the hosting space be in my name? The web hosting company charges yearly, so won't the bill come to me, instead of him? Or will they allow me to upload it on his behalf? Maybe I can just order it using his details? Also, do you pay the web hosting company and then charge your client? I am doing this website for this guy for free, but obviously he would need to pay for the upload.