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Please review my website honestly

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Here is my website. www.vibe432.com  please check every link and every possible page ans let ne know whats wrong. Id  evenlike to have the responsiveness looked at too. Im having someone do the css and html for me so i need to tell them exactly what wrong and why it's wrong. 

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Hey that's a super cool website but there are some broken links exists in your website. I have listed out the broken links below please fix that as soon as possible because it can reduce traffic and ranking ability of pages.



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    • By 98sfsdf8
      Hi all,
      I am trying to change through images when scrolling, (and I understand that maybe the jquery is a bit messy but it seems to be working) but i would like:
      - to be able to have images of different heights and widths, not all the same size (as it is now).
      - vertically/horizontally centered.
      Here is a fiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/postcolonialboy/WTkqn/486/
      <div id="contentwrapper">       <div class="centreme">         <img src="https://picsum.photos/200/200?image=1" id="animation" />         <img class="hidden" src="https://picsum.photos/200/200?image=1" />         <img class="hidden" src="https://picsum.photos/200/200?image=2" />         <img class="hidden" src="https://picsum.photos/200/200?image=3" />         <img class="hidden" src="https://picsum.photos/200/200?image=4" />         <img class="hidden" src="https://picsum.photos/200/200?image=5" />         <div id="bottommark"></div>       </div>     </div> CSS:
      body,       html {         height: 7000px;         margin: 0;         background-color: grey;       }       .hidden {         position: absolute;         top: -9999999px       }       #bottommark {         position: absolute;         bottom: 0;       }       #contentwrapper {         width: 100%;         height: 100%;         position: fixed;       }       .centreme {         position: fixed;         width: 200px;         /* the image width */         height: 200px;         /* the image height */         top: 50%;         left: 50%;         margin-top: -100px;         /* half the image height */         margin-left: -100px;         /* half the image width */       } JS:
      $(document).ready(function() { var a = $(document).height(); var b = a - $("#bottommark").position().top; $(window).scroll(function() { var e = $(document).height(); var f = $(window).scrollTop(); var c = e - $("#bottommark").position().top - f; var d = b / 5; $("span").html(c); if (c > d * 4) { $("#animation").attr("src", "https://picsum.photos/200/200?image=1") } if ((c < d * 4) && (c > d * 3)) { $("#animation").attr("src", "https://picsum.photos/200/200?image=2") } if ((c < d * 3) && (c > d * 2)) { $("#animation").attr("src", "https://picsum.photos/200/200?image=3") } if (c < d * 2 && c > d * 1) { $("#animation").attr("src", "https://picsum.photos/200/200?image=4") } if (c < d) { $("#animation").attr("src", "https://picsum.photos/200/200?image=5") } }) });  
    • By GrahamUK33
      I have created a few websites for personal hobbies, along the way I have gain some HTML & CSS skills. So I thought now is the time to look at creating a theme for WordPress. 
      So far, I have installed WordPress and created a page of content within the standard theme that came pre-installed. It all looks very alien now until I get my head around how it all works, how a theme is used, where it all the files are saved, etc. 
      I know about Treehouse, due to lack of finances I am left with looking at a Free learning solution. 
      Can anyone recommend any good videos that explain right from the start of what WordPress is, how it works, how to create a theme, etc.?
    • By charlyanderson
      Hello everyone :)
      I am working on a grid type layout and really having troubles and hoping someone might be able to help.
      The background colours should be full width whilst the content should be contained and have a max-width. I have managed to extend the background colours outside of the content areas by absolutely positioning them. This however, doesn't work when there is more than two blocks per row.
      I have attempted this about 20 times and cannot figure out how to achieve this on a responsive website. Can anyone help.
      Attached is a very basic example of what I am trying to achieve.
      Thanks in advance.

    • By Gee_suss
      I need to put a link in the footer and create a new privacy page for this website (www.mala.co.uk). The footer is in php and is pasted into the code of each page. What I have done is created a test server and I have copied all of the files via ftp to this new location so I can make the changes.
      What I have found is that the website does not display correctly and none of the CSS or PHP is showing. Even though all I have done is copy all the files from one place to another.
      I did not create the website and I am wondering if the previous developer has done something to stop it being amended or copied. I am somewhat a novice but though I would be able to make the simple changes.
      PLEASE HELP! Kind Regards...

    • By Luke Ottey
      @Seth and I are working on a website that uses Envira-gallery and are unable to use CSS code to move the image caption (which is currently located in a white font in the top left) of the front-page gallery images to below the bottom border of the image (in order too see the caption you have to first click on the image). We are looking for a way to center the caption below the image in the same spot regardless of what the viewport size is. Here is a link to the page: https://webdesignstaging.site/firstfloorflow/
      Any help would be wonderful, thanks so much!
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