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Where to sell my domain name webdesigner.direct?

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Sorry if it is not the right forum section. I have a domain name but since I am pretty much stuck with my daily job and gave up freelance webdesign i would like to sell it.

I don't want it to just expire as it is quite nice:  webdesigner.direct

Does anyone know any good place for selling. I tried Sedo but as far as I can see they don't sell .direct domains.

Is there any good marketplace or even forum for trading domain names?

Thanks in advance.

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49 minutes ago, TimW said:

Do domains have any value these days?

The one on offer doesn't.

If there was a ranking website attached to it then it might have some value. But the domain name on its own isn't worth anything.

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1 hour ago, fisicx said:

The one on offer doesn't.

If there was a ranking website attached to it then it might have some value. But the domain name on its own isn't worth anything.

Brandable or short (3 letter) domains are still highly valuable, just look at how many start-ups purchase the .com version of their name when they get funding, often for a lot of money. In terms of SEO though there's no value that I know of in the name, other than buying the site outright because it gets a lot of traffic.

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There's no value in .[name] unless it's a .com, .co.uk, .io or similar.  Hell I could register google.baz google.bar and they would hold no value whatsoever.  There can be a lot of value in popular .com addresses though.

The domain owned by the OP I'd imagine has not much more value than a packet of crisps unfortunately.

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