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Some links to have a read through:






Above all else, ensure your site is full of unique, quality content, ideally answering questions people are asking, features semantic code, loads super fast, and is linked to from other relevant sources.

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Can you guys help me out for SEO.. i really have no idea... :( thank you for kind and concerns :wub:

What exactly are you trying to do? Do you have any knowledge of SEO or you are just starting to understand?

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Checkout tuts above.


- Backlinks

- Keyword building

- Keywords in content

- Regular, decent content

- Some good links out help

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You can also start the basics of SEO for any site along side with your learning process, steps can be:

- Gather details about websites at one place including image, banners, keywords and some description

- Pick one of the email address other then you use regularely. (Because at some stage you will receive spams in process of your website promotions)

- Create account on most of social sites. (If you are not aware of many then you can get a list of well know social sites from tools like addthis or sharethis). Create, place and share content here regularly

- Submit your website to free directories and if possible then release press notes on some free sites.


I think these are the steps which can be followed either you have knowledge of SEO or not. So you can have a platform until you learn deep theories about SEO.

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