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  1. Stephen Chong

    What is best for SEO?

    Hey, its easy second one hyphen Version is better and it is easy to read by the search engine.
  2. Stephen Chong

    How to Back Up WP?

    Hey you can use WordPress Plugins for content storage and Restoration. There are free seo Backup plugins which have a limit so I suggest you to go for a paid version or use updraftplus that can store your data and protect it against loss.
  3. Hi, I think the problem with your website is that it is not targeting the right users. People are coming to yoru website but they are not getting what they want and they bounce. Please make the necessary changes in your content. so that users can find what they want.
  4. so can u tell us how you can maintain the keyword position without anchor linking on the keywords? Your focus on Onsite is justified but the off page activities are also important gaining good backlinks and increasing the website visibility.
  5. Stephen Chong

    E Commerce Website

    I suggest you to go for Shopify or Magento as they are the most trusted platforms for e-commerce build up. They are sturdy and provide you a reliable and easy to use interface for e-commerce product listing.
  6. Stephen Chong

    How to Crompress Image File Size?

    There are many online tools with which you can compress the image size. But you have to suffer with the Quality. I am using Pinta and Photoshop for image resizing and for other editing purposes.
  7. If you are already getting a good rank on the Seach Engine, That mean your website is properly optimised. To maintain that position you can build links on that keyword and Its LSI's so that your visibility Increases on Search Engine. You can also Enrich the User Experience which help you grab more online attention and stick the users to your website and content.
  8. Stephen Chong

    Inherited Website Need Speed Help

    The background image is big in size. There may be some script issues. You need to minimize the Style sheet elements and Jawa scripts. which lower the web page size.
  9. All the work that you are doing is outdated. They don't have a major effect on your site rank and the backlinks created are not effective enough that help you rank on Search engine. Try guest posting for quality backlinks, broken link building, Wiki links and all other techniques which help you increase traffic on your website, because traffic is also a major factor in ranking on SERP.