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  1. Enter "website image optimization services" term in Keyword planner and it will give you the best suggestions base on your targets.
  2. Reciprocal links are no more recommended. There is no single place to get high-quality backlinks. Pay for them or get research on competitors backlinks and get it done.
  3. We can check the performance of a website by using Google Webmaster. We can check how the website is indexing in Google, crawling error and clicks, impressions, organic search queried and more.
  4. jay_rogers

    SEO v/s SMO

    Both are good. SEO can improve your organic search and SMO can make your site more popular. SMO cannot improve your Organic Ranking.
  5. jay_rogers

    Social media sharing platform

    I use Hootsuite.
  6. jay_rogers

    seo keywords

    I think both are important. You need to try to add keyword in catchy title.
  7. Work on On-page activity (Meta tags, image-name, etc.) and content of your site. Also, do not choose a low-quality site for offpage activity. Select high quality site for blog sharing, guest blogging, link-building and blog commenting.
  8. NO. Its only improve your website traffic and followers. It can make you more popular on social media but it really won't affect your ranking.
  9. Focus on keywords and interesting content for a user. Write a catchy title and simple straightforward description. Use SEO profiler's Top 10 Optimizer tool to get more insight on competitors comparison with your site.
  10. jay_rogers

    How to get more followers on Twitter?

    Ask people questions, create poll, hold quiz, and post informative and interesting post daily. Find our more people or competitor related to your business and follow them. Like and retweet others post. Give reply comments on others post.