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  1. Website Hacked - Need Help...

    Just to be safe... update WordPress, update all the plugins. Disable any themes and plugins you do not use. Change the passwords. And password protect the admin directory.
  2. Need your advice to choose a VPS package

    Your budget is quite low for a decent setup with cPanel/WHM and a half decent service. I would increase the budget as you won't get much from a decent host for $35 /mo
  3. I'm web developer

    Welcome to the forum
  4. site under .com .it .net

    You can easily register the name but you would have to pay to renew it every year, you can't get them free.
  5. which is best domain .com or .net domain?

    .com and .co.uk are the two kings, .net IMO is for when you can't get the .com
  6. Hi people

    Welcome Pedro, the site looks very nice and fairly quick!
  7. OVH.co.uk - Dedicated Server

    OVH are really good, in the past my main issues was language barriers but I believe they hired English support reps too now.
  8. Hi all,

    Welcome to the forums.
  9. Same, looks like they have been removed.
  10. Go ahead, remember no spamming! Welcome.
  11. Do you have a min to read this?

    Hey Irfan, welcome to the forum! Get involved and read / post
  12. This may be better. It also redirects sub domains and the requested URL
  13. Maybe but the sponsored adds have proven very successful for one of our offline businesses, it has done very well and free marketing (posts in groups etc) I guess it depends on the type of business really.