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  1. Which design is better and why, please?

    Design b seems to highlight the page content and navbar better, would personally choose that one.
  2. Where can I get my code reviewed other than here?

    You need to create a gh-pages branch to host things on GitHub pages, then you can just head to username.github.io/repository to view your app.
  3. Remove Spam from Google Analytics

    I personally use https://referrerspamblocker.com/ for my domains using GA. Works just as advertised and has blocked all spam for me
  4. Heavily critique my site, please.

    Yep, the logo looks to be all good now I was on the desktop version of Firefox.
  5. Forum technical issues?

    Seems to be fixed, now I also get a 301 redirect. Guess it could have been DNS propagation/cache issue if the site had recently switched IP.
  6. Forum technical issues?

    For me, www.webdesignerforum.co.uk works fine while webdesignerforum.co.uk does not. I reported it via the contact us button on this site a few days ago but haven't received a reply yet.
  7. Adding JSON feed on html page.

    The problem with W3Schools is that it's a magnet for beginners, but fails to deliver quality materials. With all these small inaccuracies and bad coding practices, beginners simply fail to see them and won't not know any better for the future. Their name also particularly annoys me, essentially piggybacking of the W3C and leading folk to believe they are affiliated. And yes, their certifications are the most laughable thing about them. Basically just a $100 quiz.
  8. PHP Refresher

    You need to go to the HTML form page, fill it in and click submit. This should then take you to the handle_form.php. Visiting handle_form.php directly through http://localhost/handle_form.php means no data is being sent to it.
  9. PHP Refresher

    Are you visiting handle_form.php without pressing the submit button on the form? Also, make sure caching in XAMPP is disabled. type="email" is valid HTML5, the browser checks the user has entered a valid email address.
  10. Heavily critique my site, please.

    The title next to logo is displayed wrong in Firefox (wraps onto newline).
  11. PHP Refresher

    Undefined index simply means PHP can't find a index (such as 'name' or 'email') in a array ($_REQUEST). It looks like no data is being passed to the page. Be sure you all your inputs on the form page have the correct name values. It should look something like this: <form action="handle_form.php" method="post"> <input type="text" name="name"> <input type="email" name="email"> <textarea name="comments"></textarea> <input type="submit"> </form>I would also swap out $_REQUEST with $_POST so the method is explicit, but what you've written is still perfectly valid.
  12. Review ecommerce site

    Changed since I looked at it last. Before he was using a well-customized template, now he's just using a bog standard one.
  13. Review ecommerce site

    I have to agree the site looks empty. Seems quite plain (which is not necessarily a bad thing) but shops should try to grab the user's attention, particularly to focus the users on the products. Scrolling on the homepage to see the first row of products seems like a bad idea to me. Flagship products and deals should have a prominent place there. I would perhaps move the login button to the top bar, it almost looks as if it's part of the copyright notice. The colour looks a bit mustard-y and dull, perhaps something a bit more vibrant? Shop page has too big a wall of text before showing the products. Perhaps move it below? Hope you find our comments useful.
  14. Well it's just a keyboard shortcut so it's just a faster alternative to finding the edge of your browser window (at least for me), and includes a couple other goodies such as a way to test JS touch events. As you say, you still need to test on the actual (or virtual) device for all of mobile Safari and Chrome's quirks. There can't be a replacement for that.
  15. Yes, absolutely! The common sizes are just presets, you can and should ensure a responsive website works correctly on any. I didn't mean to infer you should only test on a 320px screen