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  1. I think it would be a good idea, but you would have to do something like There must be at least 3 entries in a month If there is less then this any entries are rolled over to the next month
  2. Why not install it from the different sources Apache, MySQL and PHP (google LAMP server on linux mint) If thats not an option you can run echo "{your command here}" > startXAMPP ; chmod +x startXAMPP then all you have to do each time is ./startXAMPP
  3. New project?

    That is a very similar idea to what I have had in the past, I play a lot of overwatch so was thinking you put your current team characters in, it then pulls your OW stats and chooses the best-fit hero for your team, could go one step further and enter what team the enemy has and then decide the best hero to play. But in the end, I have decided to re-brand myself and have more of a push on freelance work this year, I've always wanted to be my own boss and want to venture outside energy management applications
  4. New project?

    I want to work on a new project in the evening but i am struggling to find ideas, can anyone recomend a project to work on? I would prefer to work on a JavaScript/Node.js project but i can easily work with HTML, CSS or PHP
  5. Best hacking/tech themed TV shows and films?

    I was un-fairly comparing it to SV as i watched that first but still really enjoyed it, if i had watched betas first it would of been really good. They have also cancelled it so there is only 1 season.
  6. Best hacking/tech themed TV shows and films?

    Betas on amazon prime was ok/good
  7. How much do you charge per hour?

    That does seam low, i would expect around that if you were employed in a web development role (junior-mid level). I don't freelance and when i do its always for friends/family so i just charge expenses.
  8. Icomoon fonts not showing

    Got a link to the site? one thing to check is that the fonts are loading correctly, look in the network tab of the developer tools.
  9. Heart Internet root path?

    what are you trying to do? what do you need the root folder for?
  10. SELECT * FROM users INNER JOIN projects ON (users.id = project.user) somnething like that (you will have to modify it for your tables)
  11. Who highlights text when reading online?

    I do if there are large blocks of text and/or if i know i will be interrupted whilst reading
  12. I was just about to post this until i saw your post, nothing worse when you see a news article that looks interesting then it redirects to forbes
  13. are you using a plugin for the accordion, if so they may have an event that is fired when the accordion has finished expanding.
  14. To add onto @@Wynn post you want to use .text() or .html() depending what your adding
  15. you are using time++ this is incrementing by 1ms you have to do something like time += 1000