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  1. katie66

    Moan, Grumble, Whinge...

    I feel your pain - it's tax return time!
  2. katie66

    Moan, Grumble, Whinge...

    I feel your pain guys, spend more time writing quotes and contracts, dealing with emails and keeping up with the spreadsheets than anything else sometimes. Today's gripe: Can't register a domain for outlook emails as it contains a protected word. The word is windows - my client is a replacement windows company with the word in several of their domains e.g. mylovelywindows.com. It's a PITA as I've already moved another of their domains over to outlook, thinking the rest would be easy enough. So more emails and explanations to follow. Meantime, there might be a couple of hours to do some real work
  3. Voted, it's close! Both sites are so different and it's very hard to compare them. I like the responsiveness of Flay's site and the fun aspect of it, whereas Jack's has a more traditional feel and hasn't conformed to the flat/bootstrap/infinite scroll trends. Well done both, whoever wins.
  4. It's like any artistic works I suppose, you would have the original works e.g. your drafts, illustrator/photoshop files etc. There's a useful government leaflet on copyright issues here. http://www.ipo.gov.uk/c-essential.pdf
  5. katie66

    Good Morning!

    Hi Matt, welcome to the forum!
  6. In the UK, copyright for artistic works is automatic so you shouldn't have to register your logos for that reason.
  7. katie66

    No more custom templates for pages?

    The option only shows up if a custom template exists, otherwise it won't be there on the editor. Maybe check if the template is actually there in your theme files.
  8. katie66

    Moan, Grumble, Whinge...

    Just a quick update on the 1and1 debacle - after nearly 3 weeks I suggested to my client that we get the domain changed via Nominet. Done in less than an hour! At a small cost, which admittedly should not be needed but at least it's done. Did you get it moved yet? It was one excuse after another with them.
  9. katie66

    Moan, Grumble, Whinge...

    Ah, glad to hear you got it sorted.
  10. katie66

    Moan, Grumble, Whinge...

    I've moved one of my own sites before, it was still a pain but not too bad since there was no client involved and I could contact them directly. Hope it's painless!
  11. katie66

    Moan, Grumble, Whinge...

    Oh that sounds typical, how did you get round it? Also interesting to know for the future. In my case the client has a crappy web builder site, so no files to download, no FTP access and now a 404 page since they have failed to change the IPS tags (contract ended last week, new IPS tags were given on the cancellation form a few days before that). Think I might have to decline new business from anyone involved with 1and1. Seriously it's just too much of a headache, not to mention the time wasted!
  12. katie66

    Moan, Grumble, Whinge...

    Transferring a domain from 1&1. Need I say more?
  13. katie66

    Moan, Grumble, Whinge...

    Can we do a week's worth of moan/grumble/whinge all at once? Well I haven't had time to come on the forum much this week so here goes (in no particular order): - Trying to figure out Windows7 and why the beloved things I'm so used to with winxp are missing/different etc etc + Have RSI in my right hand/wrist/arm presumably from using a new mouse/keyboard, along with a newly formed squint trying to see the higher resolution monitor + Potential new client wants me to "rearrange" a web design quote for their business funding, and we're now 3 weeks into the negotations + Laughing at myself on a Friday night adding these smileys, especially the last one. + Don't even go there about the weather. = Must be wine time.
  14. katie66


    Haha love the thread title. Lost count of how many times I've ran into wordpress problems, and not being one to give up spent hours if not days trying to solve something that you would think was fairly simple (can't think of an example off the top of my head but I'm sure another one will come along sooner rather than later!).