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Jan Heder

Bootstrap menu items position

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Hello, I'm using Bootstrap grid (1170px) when working in photoshop, and I'm curious which one of the 2 options on the img is right. In CSS there is -15px side paddings making it 1140px wide but I don't know if it apply for menu items - for their boxes. I'm guessing the second one is right, but I'm not sure.

Than you for any advice.


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Both are right. It's up to the client as to which one they prefer.


And don't use bootstrap for your menus - the code is awful. In fact the whole bootstrap CSS is a bloated monster. You can achieve the same results with a tenth of the code.


In any case, why are you using photoshop to build the layout? I thought this method of web design went out the window years ago...

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I only use Bootstrap GRID to make layouts, not code with Boostrap. In fact I'm webdesigner, not developer, so I just make layouts and others code it (still can't figure out how to call myself, since it seems everybody tend to merge designer and developer together - you say you are webdesigner and they want you to go code in javascript). Question if Bootstrap is garbage, well, few people still using it so I would say it's about personal preferences - like all frameworks.


And why I'm usign "outdated" photoshop? Well, because most clients want .psd format file. Beside that, what would you suggest to use, I tried few WYSIWYG SWs like Macaw and I must say that workflow is quite awfull, you need to focus on both design and code in the same time and thats often really hard and tiresome (both brain hemispheres).

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