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  1. ReinissB

    Selling gaming website [PSD]

    I don`t really want to argue with you about this topic. Have a nice day
  2. ReinissB

    Selling gaming website [PSD]

    Whats 99p? 99 penies? Do you even know what you`re talking about right now?
  3. Hello! My name is Reinis and today i decided to sell one of my latest projects that i`ve been working on! This project includes 9 PSD files + logo. Here are all the screenshots of the website: [spolier] [/spoiler]
  4. ReinissB

    Width is very slim

    Just change the max-width in the line that wonky just showed you
  5. ReinissB

    New Web Design Business Website

    Please change the font it looks so bad and it is hard to read the text.
  6. ReinissB

    My Logo

    I think that text "Modern display solutions" should be horizontally as long as the letter "M". In my opinion, your logo would look better if you change that. And try to blur these connection lines between gradients
  7. ReinissB

    Pro Bono Design

    Check your PM, I just wrote you a message.
  8. My latest web designs.