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Kim Kiav

Please Review this site

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It's slow and pointless. If it's an online store then the products should be on the homepage not all that other guff.

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The site is ridiculously slow, even on gigabit fiber. You should look at resolving this before putting effort into other areas of the site, otherwise you simply won't get any sales.

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Yeah a shame it takes so long to load, as soon as that is fixed you should try again, I suggest changing theme.


Fonts are hard to read.


Most issues I have are with that theme, it is overloaded with java and css, and the pagebuilder function makes it slow as well.


You should make a child-theme from scratch, that is what you should focus your training on I think.

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The website is slow to load using a desktop PC and 75mbit internet connection.


Check your page speed using Googles PageSpeed Tool at https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights


The test results are:

  • Mobile: Poor 29/100
  • Desktop: Poor 39/100


Once loaded, the website looks easy to navigate around, I like the scrolling banner with the moving text and buttons. The green logo along with all the other use of the same colour gets lost with the black background.

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Is this website nice for the sporting industry? Any feedback? suggestions please.


It has a lot of potential Kim.

Don't give up. It's good for you to go through the Google PageSpeed recommendation fixes as suggested, but know that many very successful sites score quite poorly with that, and they've made it tougher as time has progressed.

I think it has a lot of potential.

If you focus on just showing the stuff which you want to show your visitors, as opposed to having it show all kinds of stuff just because it's a novelty and looks like a powerful production at first glance.

Enjoy the process. That's important I think, from at least my hobbyist point of view.


Sit down with someone you know, and see how easy it is for them to know what to do and find what they are looking for.


I think the logo needs work to make it clearer. I like the size, but the colors or shadows or the 3D effect of the various greens is lost at that size or resolution.


Keep at it. If you enjoy it, then don't give up.

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