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  1. Some stock photos sites I've found

    Really awesome fhotos!
  2. Fresh resources and tools for designers

    thanks! great link!
  3. Junior Developer Blog

    Great idea - to blog ) will you share a link on your blog? i'm really interested in it
  4. Are web developers required to design?

    i used to work as web developer and i hated doing design...all the more so i was'n paid for this job...
  5. Looking for an Ecommerce Solution

    Hi i would like to tell you about the experience of using Finestshops hosting in our company. As we sell service, we were looking for a powerfull solution for e-commerce for quite a long time. So we've opted this hosting (https://www.finestshops.com/), which supports X-cart, Magento and Magento 2 systems as the base and there is no need in creation of new system. And integration with payment gateaways is easy and reliable We really enjoy it!
  6. Need a mobile friendly website?

    thanks! it's really great!
  7. Hi, Fellows

    Hi i'm a junior web-developer, nice to meet you
  8. optimise photos for web

    thanks! great solution!
  9. i'd choose blue, green, gray and yellow colours
  10. Music while working

    i prefer classical music while codding