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  • Similar Content

    • By Sarbjit Grewal
      Hello Everyone,
      I really thankful for being a part of this web design community. 
    • By oscargabaon
      Hi Fellow Web Designers in UK,
      I decided to join this forum in able to get answers to questions i could be asking soon. Most of wordpress scripts are quite difficult to understand especially when i am manually re-configuring the template structures.
      For now, i have just launched a site and asking anyone who could be of help scanning the website for possible improvements?
      Answers from a website designing team is very much appreciated.

    • By Talon023
      Hi all.
      I need to start (would like to) learn web development.
      Im chemist and its really weak aspect in my country. So now im breaking the point.
      Im total noob, i never programmed anything in my life nor web designed/developed. Watch me like absolute zero about web development.
      I wish someone answer to me detailed (if even needed) what should i start to learn first? As long as i understand it should go HTML > CSS > Javascript and then server-sided scripting PHP and ASP.net.
      What do you think?
      Any help/tips will be helpful.
    • By Jade @ edge
      I've just started using bower and I'm loving it, was wondering what you guys thought of it and if there is anything better out there
    • By Jack Byrne
      Hi All.. My name is Jack Byrne and I am glad to be the member of this forum. I love web designing. Though I am a beginner but I am sure I can suggest solution to common issues. I would also like to learn some new techniques being used in web designing. I want to be a good web designer and I know this forum is full of expert designers.
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