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  1. Trying to Create RSS Feed

    Done! Now this error, Sorry, I know it's a pain. I REALLY appreciate your help though!!
  2. Trying to Create RSS Feed

    Same error,
  3. Trying to Create RSS Feed

    There is no "table_rss". Like I said, I'm using a database from another script that posts the updates. The script doesn't have RSS, so that's what I'm doing. So there is no "table_rss". Here is the updates SQL file though: http://pastebin.com/RRDZApiJ So you can kind of see what I mean. I can't change ANYTHING in this database or it's set up otherwise the script will stop working. So I have to make the RSS work around the database set up.
  4. Trying to Create RSS Feed

    I don't understand. uTitle, etc is how the updates are set up in the database. So how is the script going to know what to take from the database if these (uTitle, etc) aren't somewhere in the RSS?
  5. Trying to Create RSS Feed

    The problem though with this code is you changed, $title = escapeXMLVal( $dataBlogDisplay['uTitle'] ); $link = escapeXMLVal( $dataBlogDisplay['uID'] ); $description = escapeXMLVal( $dataBlogDisplay['uEntry'] ); $date = escapeXMLVal( $dataBlogDisplay['uAdded'] ); If you don't have them as UTitle, uID, uEntry, and uAdded, then it won't follow the database. I can't change the database because that follows another script and everything would stop working then. So, I changed the dataBlogDisplay to those above, but otherwise kept the code you gave me. I now have this error,
  6. Trying to Create RSS Feed

    Still need help on this...
  7. Trying to Create RSS Feed

    That paste has been removed...
  8. Trying to Create RSS Feed

    What do you mean 'escape'? I don't understand...
  9. My first (and only) website

    Personally, I find the website to be poorly made. I'm sorry if that seems mean or brutal, but that's just how it looks to me. It's cool that you have these sliding menus, they're neat, but it seems like that's the only part of the side you really worked hard on. You say what the website is for, but that isn't clear from the site or design. I find the backgrounds and menus to be very distracting. As someone who has an interest in learning Chinese, I don't see how your site can teach it. To me, over all, it's just not well made. Like it was just thrown together.
  10. I gotta say, Bobby Anderson's design is really neat! It reminds of of Windows 8 front page. It's really cool!
  11. Hiya

    Thank you! It is a lot of fun! Good luck to you too with your studies!
  12. Hello

    Hi there! Welcome to the site!
  13. 100% div not reaching the bottom...

    It would be easier if you posted a link to your site. Sometimes it's easier to find a problem if you can see the design in action. Do you still need help with this anyway though?
  14. margin 0 auto; for some reason no longer works?

    In the container CSS, try adding these elements... .container { width: 960px; margin: 0px auto; display: block; position: relative; } This might help.
  15. Best Hosting for Designer

    Can I recommend Little Dancer Web Hosting? They're small but very reliable with a ton of space for you. They have very little down time as well, which is always a bonus. Personally, I've been hosted by them for years and never had a problem. For what errors I do come across, they're quick to help. They're prices are definitely reasonable too. Let me warn you though, never go with a free host! Free hosts usually don't last long and are quick to disappear without letting you know. Just one day they and your website will be gone! It's one thing if a host offers free plans, it's either when they offer only free plans or prices that are so cheap that it makes you second look.