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  1. Hiy'all - sorry for spamming this way, but I need this sorting ASAP!!! I need a local web designer to take over a project for me. The budget is up to £700 for a 10 page website including a custom contact form (client would like the contact form to look like this https://secure.coutts.com/coutts.com/secure/becoming-a-coutts-client/Mobile ) The designer must be from the Cheshire area and able to commute to Runcorn if the client wishes to meet them. If you require anymore info, then please ask. If you are interested the PM me. I don't want any time wasters - this project needs starting ASAP.
  2. Reading through this topic will provide you with a list of programs the pro's use... Alternatively if you are after a wysisyg program, perhaps you would be better starting a new topic
  3. Hi, I'm using jems contact form on a clients website,but have found out that the host has disabled the mail()function thingy (technical term) Apparently I can change something so it uses smtp of something.. As you can see, I don't do php or anything technical like that, so can someone point me in the right direction where I can find something where I basically copy and paste? Fanks!
  4. New guy from Liverpool

    Hiya! welcome to the forum
  5. Choosing colours for a website design

    ^ Agreed! Look forwards to seeing what you come up with!
  6. hello world

    Ciao! Welcome to the forum!
  7. Choosing colours for a website design

    They are not particularly "bad" colours per se. If you can get away with using a clean website design with a scattering of the corporate colours, it should look fine I have had to work with a lot worse!
  8. I'm afraid I'm with mrcristoph with the name... It makes me think more of something to do with photography before design. sorry.
  9. Pleased to meet you all

    It's hell being surrounded by all these boys!
  10. Wordpress widgets

    You should find all you need in the wordpress codex
  11. 3D Designs

    I believe Adobe illustrator CS5 has a perspective tool... if this is true, you may be able to download the free trial and use it (don't quote me on it though..... I've been out of the game for over a year and am not back up to scratch on things )
  12. Pleased to meet you all

    Welcome to the forum
  13. I want one

    But what a day it would be mmmmmmm..... Bagsy first!!