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  1. Pulling data from a website and sending it via email daily.

    From your linked page looks like a goer
  2. Concrete5

    Have a look on opensourcecms.com Loads of alternatives on there and you can try out via the demos too.
  3. Reusable jQuery event handler for class dropdown

    No probs, I'm looking forward to tomorrow now
  4. Reusable jQuery event handler for class dropdown

    this line: var widgetid = jQuery(".star-dropdown").parent().children(".star-widget-id").val(); should be: var widgetid = jQuery(this).parent().children(".star-widget-id").val(); In your original code,in the event handler, you're finding all of the selects with a class of 'blah'. Simply put, it means you're working with the first select on the page(no matter what select has changed) You don't want all of the selects with a class of blah, just the one that has the change event fired. jQuery(this) inside an event handler will refer to the element that was 'clicked', 'changed' etc. This means that when the function traverses the DOM to find the parent etc, it will start from the relevant select, not from the first one on the page.
  5. Absolute and Relative positioning

    If you want to position C relative to B, then you will need to specify a position other than static (the default) to C.
  6. Absolute and Relative positioning

    If B is positioned absolutely, C will take its positioning relative to B 's top left corner
  7. Why do people hate flash? I love them.

    Interesting article today: Flash May Not Be Dead But It's Not Feeling Well
  8. Form Validation quicky

  9. Form Validation quicky

    If you're just checking for the presence of a number: if (/\d/.test(firstname)) { alert("Ooh, you put a number in your firtname. How do you pronounce that you mofo?!"); }
  10. quitting smoking..

    Go for it fellas! After smoking for 19 years, I gave up 4 months ago. If I can do it (approx 25/30 a day), I'm pretty sure you can. It's the best thing you'll ever do Good luck
  11. Have you looked at MediaWiki? Or am I completely missing what you're after?
  12. php Flickr

    Which part are you struggling with? It's a long time since I used phpFlickr but iirc, it was fairly simple to set up. Post the code that isn't working.
  13. Need A Static IP Solution

    Can you set up the services to only allow access based on hostname instead of ip address? If so, a free service like dyndns might be suitable (although I'm buggered if I can find the free service on their site!)
  14. Need some quick advice guys

    Merry Xmas!
  15. Need some quick advice guys

    Looks old and stale to me; Save your hard-earned and spend it on a drink for the new year.