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Systems for responsive design

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Hello, I know there are grid systems out there like Bootstrap, 960px-grid, etc.. but I don't know which to choose for a given project or why. Is there a grid system that is really common that I should just devote all my energy into learning? Or should I learn multiple systems because different systems might confer different benefits depending on the project?


Also, does anyone have any good resources/tutorials for learning how to approach wireframing/design with these grid systems?




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Once you have got the hang of one css grid learning another will be easy, a ten minute job, but bootstrap has loads of other stuff in it which takes a while to get familiar with, it isn't just a grid. I used to like skeleton, it was just resets, some basic typography and a button or two plus an easy grid but it might be old hat now, You need to get some boilerplate from somewhere, you can't be writing everything from scratch.

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I suggest you learn Bootstrap. It is not necessary but desirable. Bootstrap 4 is almost rock solid. Once you learn Bootstrap, it really easy to learn other systems. Plus, Bootstrap is built in scss and several components. You can customize it or trim it down, it is up to you. It is simply amazing. In fact, the Gzipped version of bootstrap is less than 50k - which in today's time is a breeze and a half.


If your are puritan and need to build for future, you will have to get your hands on CSS grids. They are the future.


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The framework I have built uses a grid. Bootstraps grid falls apart when you have items that tile and are not the same hight... not great for dynamic data.

On it's own Nebula is around 6kb which can be made much smaller if you really care about file size.




CSS grid is a long way off being used in production lots of browsers that are still in heavy use do not have it implemented. give it a few years and it will be the go-to tool for layout.

Also while grids work in most cases for responsive layout - what if you want to mix both fixed-width and fluid content side by side?
The flag object here accomplishes that https://nebulaui.github.io/nebula/api/objects/flag

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