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  1. hmm although working as a freelancer feels 'free' Dóh I'd rather have a job at a company, even though that will kinda lack the 'fun' factor it still a more stable income and I'd still be doing what I love. Wildo
  2. Wildo

    Quick Time Fullscreen (mac)

    I don't have a mac, but have Quicktime, any idea on how to do this on Windows? Wildo
  3. hmm font size... not necessary. maybe remove the gradient used in the text? or play a bit more with the text style. Wildo
  4. hmm ok, first look was good though, I'd slightly less italic the M in the header, also redo the navigation ( the horizontal one ) maybe don;t use bold text there? the footer, the link hovers are unreadable, readability is key in a website, change the colors there. try centering the layout it might work, might now though. I expected a bit more content in the main content part on the index page, but that could just been me. 7/10 rating, still needs some work Wildo
  5. Wildo

    Newbie in need of help

    that is just a 8x8 background image that is repeated on the whole background, you basically set a background for your body, then put your 'website' in a div with a certain width and aligned to the center. hope that made some sense. Wildo
  6. Wildo

    Newbie in need of help

    could you be more specific? I don't really know what you mean, show us an example? Wildo
  7. Wildo

    need to know how it looks

    style your footer? Wildo
  8. Wildo

    Wordpress Themes

    you can try big web development / design forums. Though that ain't that good I think. ebay? Wildo
  9. Dutch olé Welcome, ( is this better then my last welcome spam ) Wido
  10. you're using a bit too much bold text imo, it looks nice but everything is a bit to big for me, also the readability isn't 100% when using gray text on a lighter gray background. or gray text on a white background for that matter. Wildo
  11. Wildo

    HTML Editor

    Dreamweaver CS3 is a big mistake in my opinion. only 'new' thing is that it comes with some standard javascript functions and such. Most of them suck even. Wildo
  12. Wildo

    Safari - Not just for Macs!

    not sure yet how useful it will be, will websites render 100% the same way as on a mac? Wildo
  13. Wildo


    layout looks awesome though I hate Huge images in a link. always accidentally click on it. Wildo
  14. Wildo

    Flourishes and Swirls

    .... get a Lambo or something Wildo
  15. Wildo


    exactly where holland is now. Crapped with rules... Wildo