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Can anyone recommend apps where I can snap-to-grid-draw?

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Basically, I'd like to be able to easily snap to a grid when drawing (I want to draw mathematical stuff) and I want to be able to easy move the points (for example the points of a line that I drew, the points would be the start of the line and the end of it) and move these points to another point on the grid.


Is there anything that does that for MAC?

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A quick Bing search for snap-to-grid draw showed CorelDraw, but it's really expensive here in Japan!



I'm not so sure what you mean by mathematical stuff, but Blender has snap-to options.

(Even Office has some snap-to-grid options, but I'm not sure if you want to draw in Office.)


You could look for grid extensions for popular apps.

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pretty sure inkscape (free) could do this. of course illustrator (expensive) for mac. not sure whether sketch could...


libre office draw as a free alternative to office - could be worth trying before you buy anything and see if ti does what you want and need.


consider also how you want to use the finished file - print, web, exchange with others. whether you need vector ouput or pdf or simply web graphic for example

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