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  1. I took the sneak peek test back when it only had good reviews on amazon. Now I check, and I see how many people are getting wrong results!!! It had told me I was having a girl, but now I don't know what to believe anymore
  2. Fresh resources and tools for designers

    Hi, let me add a new resource, a color palette generator, that includes names (perfect for color blind people).
  3. Is there any functionality or options on your current website that you plan to keep (other than the content)? I am lunching new website get some advice or idea
  4. InDesign is mostly useful for multipage layouts like books and brochures. I’d stick with a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator: use Photoshop to edit your images, save as a TIFF, import into Illustrator and continue to create all your vector stuff there.
  5. Hello

    Hello. My name is samshaf, I am from dubai. I am an web designer. I work in a website design and development company. I am 25 years old.