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  1. website design feedback

    Hi empi! Is this your very own site? Okay so I will give you a review, not as a web developer because I am not one, but my review would be that of a user/visitor. First, the loading speed of your page needs improvement. Remember that the ideal speed for a page to load is 3 seconds. Second, if you are targeting other countries, then you should have options for languages. Third, I think your layout should be more appealing, You want to make sure that the visitors will be enticed to stay and explore your page. That's all, I hope this can help. Cheers! Jennifer
  2. Hello PPL

    Welcome!! Looking forward to exchanging ideas with you! Cheers! Jennifer
  3. Hello designers

    Welcome! Looking forward to reading your post in the future and maybe share an idea or two with you . Cheers! Jennifer @WebriqServices
  4. Hi fodewe! How are you? If you are looking for a CMS that is easy to navigate, then you are in luck! We at Webriq have created a platform that is very user-friendly. What makes our CMS amazing is that it is super fast, secure, reliable and helps you create a scalable website.We are offering you a GIT Based CMS system with a Complete User Interface. Therefore, the websites that you can create with our CMS have no movable parts, no database to connect to or scripts that need to be executed and there is no way to inject malware. Malware, outdated scripts, denial of service attacks are of the past. No single server to be installed updated or maintained. Furthermore, our services are absolutely affordable! So, what are you waiting for? Try our Demo page and request a quote now by filling up this form. Also, do give us your feedback so that we can improve our services. Kind Regards, Jennifer
  5. seo keywords

    Hi, tayller1! In my opinion, social media plays an important role in SEO, especially now that people are widely connected through social media. Almost everybody has a Facebook account or a Twitter account. In addition, social media is free! It an effective tool to advertise your business or website especially if you are still starting or just a small enterprise. In fact, because it is widely used by people that sometimes they rather create social media accounts rather than websites. Kind Regards, Jennifer
  6. Hi

    Hi KawRide! Welcome! Looking forward to exchanging ideas with you. Jennifer
  7. Which E-Commerce platform would be best for me?

    Hi dnashbridge! Please have a look at our platform - https://app.webriq.com/help/page/demo/howto. Here is a demo page so that you will be able to experience it firsthand how fast and reliable our platform is in Webriq. Feel free to give us your opinion so that we can improve it. Cheers! Kind Regards, Jennifer
  8. seo keywords

    Hi soumya23, I have worked with an SEO company before and I agree with dilby in this one. Submitting content to random directories can lead to spamming and there is a possibility that Google will bring down your site due to duplicate content to random sites. If you plan to submit to a directory, make sure that it is legit and has hight authority. This means that the site is trustworthy. As per question about the keywords, it is better to use keywords with your brand and an exact location like 'red Nike shoes in Liverpool'. This way it's unique and its easier for the algorithm to recognize your shop due to the brand and location. I hope this helps. Regards, Jennifer
  9. No-Pro but trying

    Hi seedism! I am not a web developer, but I did work in an SEO company before as a strategist so I think I can come up with 1 or 2 recommendation to improve this site. 1. The site is a shopping site, but it's not secure. Make sure to convert to https, given that the site requires the visitor to provide his/her payment details. 2. The product description should be added. Each item should have a product description so that the potential buyer will know what he/she will be getting once they purchase the product. 3. The homepage needs improvement. Upon opening, the very first thing that the visitor will see is a picture of a man creating a glassware. It's a pretty picture, but it took almost half of the page. Maybe you can use the picture as a background and push the (About Us) content up so that the visitor will be able to see it right away. I hope this review helps. Also, if you need a platform for creating a website, please feel free to try our app - https://app.webriq.com/auth/register Regards, Jennifer
  10. Music while working

    Hi JordanC! I love listening to music while working. I usually listen to upbeat music so that I won't fall asleep! LOL. Also, I sometimes listen to instrumental music if I want to keep calm and relax. Having a background noise while working helps stimulate my 'creative' side and it helps make the day go faster. I think listening to music while working can help you become productive and helps your brain activity become more active.
  11. my website design

    Hi millers2010! I've visited your website and I would like to give you my honest opinion as a visitor and not as a web developer. 1. I am not sure if you are aware, but there is a pop-up that comes out every time someone opens any page in your website. At first, I thought it was an ad of some sort, but it's not. It just say "Click Here to Close" I don't know what's the purpose of that pop-up, but it's not pretty LOL. 2. The arrangement of the different categories in the site is a little messy. Why not assign a sub-page per category, that way it's easier to navigate and the user doesn't have to keep scrolling down to look for the category of the site that they are looking for. 3. The main purpose of your website is not properly stated. I mean, is your site a Directory Submission only? Then, how come there is also a section in your page that offers to do backlinks and other SEO services. 4. Content - You need to add more content to your website. This way, users will be given an idea about your business and the different services that your website is offering. If you need more help in managing and enhancing your website, please feel free to contact us at info@webriq.com. Regards, Jennifer
  12. Charging for consultancy

    Hi dilby! That does make sense. I've experienced working as a freelance (Online English Teacher) before and at the beginning, I had the same problem where I don't know how much to charge for my service. I didn't want to come too cheap that they might question my quality and credibility or I didn't want to charge too high that may scare my potential clients away. LOL It took me days to come up with a solution, and this is what I came up. First, I listed all the services that I am willing to offer to my clients. Next, I asked around and benched mark the rate of other people who are also offering the same service/s. I also have to take into consideration the level of my skills and the experience that I had. I mean if I have a lot of experience and clients that already experienced my service, then giving a high rate is not really an issue, but if I am still starting and there are only a few people who experienced my service, then it is not yet the time to give out a high rate. Lastly, I had to also take note if I wanted to charge them per hour or per day or per project/session. It's not really bad to start with a low rate. You can gradually increase your rate if you have already established solid clientele and relationship with your returning clients. It's easier to charge higher to those who already experienced the quality of your service and skills. Sometimes, you can come up with package deals like 10% for first 3 services, but the succeeding services will be charged at the normal rate. I'm sorry! I tend to blabber, but I do hope I made sense as well and this can help you in some way. Cheers! Jennifer
  13. Why Not?

    Hmmm! Good point dilby. Also, I think some of us today have a lot of things going on, so our priorities are being influenced by these things and we tend to confuse ourselves as to which is important and not so important.
  14. Hi! Everybody!

    Hi dilby! Thank you for the warm welcome. I look forward to exchanging ideas and opinion with you and the people in this forum. Have a nice day!
  15. Advices to improve as a Web Designer

    Hi! Have you tried watching videos? There are a lot of self-help videos on Youtube. Also, there are a lot of website platforms that are very easy to use. Actually, the company that I work now has this type of service. If you are interested please provide us your email address and we will contact you. In addition, it's best that you provide the link to the website that you are currently working on so that people who would love to give you an advice will have a clear picture of what you really want to achieve or learn. Kind Regards, Jennifer