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Why Not?

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We all know that the development of the World Wide Web (WWW) gave way to fast and easy way to communicate with people all over the globe. In fact, we can affect peoples lives through the web. That is why, people nowadays invest into creating their very own web page to contain and monitor their online activities and the people who they interact on a day to day basis.


Having your very own website allows you to be in control and make promoting or spreading the news very fast. You can communicate to more than one person in a span of few seconds. That's how powerful the web is today. So the question, why not use this 'power' in promoting positive change? Why not take advantage of this innovation to make a difference that will benefit the people in a positive sense?


Why not indeed...

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For most people the issue is obviously money, which is why when communicating the value of a website it's best to talk in terms of investment. A website is no less a capital expenditure than an important piece of industrial machinery.

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Hmmm! Good point dilby. Also, I think some of us today have a lot of things going on, so our priorities are being influenced by these things and we tend to confuse ourselves as to which is important and not so important.

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