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  1. I would also love a word from webdesigners/developers, whether if you would use my photos in your designs/themes/demos etc. It's very important for me to know, whether if the project is sustainable. Thanks a lot! Michael
  2. Hey guys, back again! :-) Picnshot.com has gone through a rather dramatic change visually(design) + many photos added since then. I would love your opinion about everything. BIG PLUS: Added a new "test-drive" feature called CHECKIT where you can view how the photos can be used for designs(top banner above the photos). Thanks, Michael
  3. Here is another one, free photos for any use! www.picnshot.com
  4. Hey Jellypie, thanks for this amazing feedback, you really hit it! :-) You have a really great idea and I'm totally going to look into that, I love it! BTW, you might be my first customer, I'd start with you-> so if you actually need some photos, let me know. About the subscribe thing, I just viewed the way it shows and it's really not alright, I need to think it through and change it ASAP, thanks a lot! If you have any other ideas or comments, or anything, just let me know! :-) Thanks, Michael
  5. Hey, many photos appeared since last times, I would LOVE some more feedback/critics/comments about www.picnshot.com. Thanks, Michael
  6. Hey there, a few images have been added since and I'd still be happy for some ideas/comments! :-) Thanks, Michael www.picnshot.com
  7. It's great to get your answer so shortly, thanks a lot! :-) I still need to work on the categories, I'm still thinking a lot about tags though, so that's still in process. Well you know, since I really want to give the greatest experience I try to make as wide collection as possible. From nature to food, through technology to people. I wish people are going to like that and exactly, since they're downloading I hope I'm making the right choice there.
  8. Hey, thanks for the post, I'm sorry for a late response. It's actually quite simple, there are right now, three options to download the image, so it would make kinda mess on the main page. Plus on the other hand, I added an option, that I was intending for some time now -> it takes your time to actually download all the images and sometimes you just dont want to browse all of them, but get them all-in-one and that's where this tool comes in. For just $3 you can get a whole pack of (right now) 40 high-res images in just a few clicks. It's a banner on the right side, processed via gumroad. I also changed the layout of the header and categories, so if you'd give it a look, it would be awesome. + many pictures came in since the last post, so be sure to check them out and tell me what do you think. Thanks a lot! Michael www.picnshot.com
  9. Hey, thanks a lot for your ideas, amazing point! There is a reason for the click-through to the second page. Especially now, when I've added the possibilities you have mentioned -> different sizes of images, please check it out and tell me what you think :-) Right now I'm working on the search option. About uploading your own images, right now I only prefer adding my own, since I'm sure and aware I'm the author and I can actually give away the license for full free use. If you're interested to add your own images, please let me know and we can work something out, it could be awesome! :-) I'm available at info@picnshot.com. If you have any other ideas, comments go on, I'm eager to read 'em all! Michael
  10. Hey there, me again I'd like some info about as to why people don't actually sign in for the newsletter about new photos at www.picnshot.com + visitor number issue(about only 30 unique users/day). Anybody any advice? Thanks in advance, Michael
  11. Anybody got any more ideas? Need critics, urgent! :-) Thanks, Michael
  12. UPDATE: - added a few features like the pinterest button, categories on the right, facebook like button for each post etc Please check out the website and give me any ideas for improvement, I'd be very thankful. It's www.picnshot.com. Thanks, M.
  13. Thanks a lot Lev for the positive feedback, I'm adding a new pics every day, so stay tuned I'm looking forward to any more ideas.
  14. Hey there, my name is Michael and about a week ago I have created a website called www.picnshot.com where I give away for free high resolution photos for commercial & personal use. I would love to have opinion of as many people as possible as to the website's design, build and most importantly the photos themselves. In general, what to better or change. The main point is that I love photography and love to share my pics with others. Please let me know, I am open to any ideas. Thanks, Michael J.
  15. Wordpress web design beginner

    Wordpress can work well for you, nevertheless you need to know how to use it and change it. If you don't I'd recommend first to start coding(html,css), maybe some PHP and later on try Wordpress or any other CMS.