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  1. SeikoShadow

    First Website Attempt - Feedback Needed

    I like the site although admittedly I don't like the colour scheme much but I think that's more of a personal taste. Their is one thing that stood out to me though and pardon me if this comes across as a tad offensive but you list design as one of your services, yet the image you show under it is what looks like something drawn in paint in under 5 minutes?
  2. SeikoShadow

    What are you working on - Sneak Peek?

    Searching for witty response...
  3. SeikoShadow

    White Space on Page

    haha not a problem
  4. SeikoShadow

    Just a few questions

    haha nah it's fine
  5. SeikoShadow

    Just a few questions

    haha I seem to have unintentionally dug myself a small hole here, either or is fine I'm sure
  6. SeikoShadow

    Just a few questions

    for a host I'd suggest TSOhost , I've not used them personally but they're highly suggested by the community here and I've rarely if ever heard a bad thing about them.
  7. SeikoShadow

    White Space on Page

    <section id="about"> <p></p> <div class="about"></div> </section> This bit of code creates that green block, remove the p tag and it'll be fixed
  8. SeikoShadow

    How to connect html with CSS?

    caron you've just dug up a thread from 2009? in other news it's impressive how many views this article alone has received.
  9. SeikoShadow

    Moan, Grumble, Whinge...

    I've got a sore back from sitting on a wallet full of cash... life is hard... haha just kidding but thought I'd bring a little bit of hilarity to an otherwise bleak yet amusing thread
  10. SeikoShadow

    Hi, I am Erik

    Hey Erik, welcome to the forums
  11. SeikoShadow

    New Design - All Feedback Appreciated

    Not had any time to work on this recently, hopefully I'll be able to make a few updates soonish, but I do appreciate all your feedback so far.
  12. SeikoShadow

    What are you working on - Sneak Peek?

    Is a very nice template though haha just needs a theme as you said
  13. SeikoShadow

    What are you working on - Sneak Peek?

    To be honest I don't particularly like it, it seems devoid of any colour and the small menu items at the top-right just aren't enough to get around this. I like the minimalist style but it needs a bit more of your personality put into it.
  14. SeikoShadow

    How do you keep the customers passwords safe?

    Personally I would suggest a USB stick that is encrypted with trueCrypt or similar, store the passwords on it in a Password protected Word file and never leave the USB stick in your computer when finished with it, store it elsewhere. If that is not secure enough I'd suggest investing in a secure USB stick of sorts, couldn't suggest which specifically though, again even with this precaution do as many of the above as possible.
  15. SeikoShadow

    My website is hacked

    --- Removed by me ---