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  1. What can you do on a mac that you can't do on linux?

    I am also thinking to switch to mac.
  2. Top 10 Best Free PrestaShop Themes

    Thanks ameliajohns! for sharing not only free themes I got some other great stuff related to prestashop .
  3. Anyway, I have downloaded that pdf. Nice short guide of webpage content writing with good looks. Thanks for sharing good stuff for free.
  4. Sharpen images between MQ ?

    I am a fan of Picturefill. To handle big images was never easy before now hadling big images, their sharpness for responsive sits and blogs in less time.
  5. List of Social Networking Sites

    Thanks for sharing! But many of them have the same IP.
  6. What Makes a Good infographic ?

    A research says the human brain processes 60000 faster visual information that contextual information so infographics are a great way to send you tell your story to anyone. I would like to list some elements which are most crucial to make any infographic viral. 1. Research in your niche 2. Find engaging topic 3. Add some amazing facts 4. More attractive graphics than text 5. Add humor
  7. Most useful practice for Meta description is add keywords with intelligence, unique and compelling. Meta description must included a call to action so that if you rank in search engine user will click and come to your website.
  8. I have a shutter stock package but wheN I run out there I use pixabay .
  9. Has my site been hacked?

    If possible transfer you domain to a reputable hosting provider then go through http://www.google.com/webmasters/hacked/. Hope it will help you to make your GF happy.
  10. Where to start?

    I like to learn things by doing. There are plenty of websites available that provide free resources and tutorials.