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  1. This is my new design for my blog. I got the layout to my main site and convert it to my blog. Here is my blog I'm still working on a few things, but tell me what you guys think. tnx
  2. 1000 posts

    Nice grats for 1000 post hehe
  3. Newbie on the forum

    welcome there =)
  4. On moving your code to Dreamweaver. Just like to point out somethings. As far as i know, your code wont be screwed up but your code indentions and positioning will be screwed. But if the way you indent your code is through spacebar like me it wont matter what ever coding software you used. =) Note : i used notepad++ on coding. hehehe
  5. TUTORIAL: [php] Text Over Image

    Nice coding tnx
  6. How to add a blog to an existing website

    It's really simple to add blog to an existing site. Just like site (here) i just put a new folder and put my blog in it.
  7. Google Chrome 2.0

    The browser is really good. I'll just wait for add ons for developer so i can use it permanently.
  8. I know this is an out of topic. But just want to share you this Hilarious parody of Wonder Girls’ “Nobody” by mrbrown and gang about the latest swine flu pandemic. This is really a good MTV.
  9. Hello

    Hello Jenelle
  10. create an online order form?

    I am suggesting you on your pay site to have a Paypal.com or much easier is oneshopingcart.com. On one shopping cart you'll just put all the products you have and copy paste the link on your site and the payment method will be proccess by them. No need to worry anything more on coding it and simple html will be enough.
  11. PHP Secure Area

    I go to sessions and cookies that stores on your database. Why? one of my site before was hucked because my session and cookies are saved on PC. Practicall speaking there are a lot of people now knows how to crack those 2 including .htaccess although im not saying they can't enter your DB, but they will be doing lot more work in doing that.
  12. You dont need to know about PHP there are lot of psy sites that you only copy paste the link of your products and evrything will be procced by them