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  1. Your link is broken.
  2. Chat Room

    I think you can get chat room modules for this forum software. CBA with downloading an IRC client and all that jazz - I think the last time I used IRC chat was about 10 years ago! Web based chat is where it's at. Edit: I know the link Dizi posted is for a web based IRC client, but would still mean I'd have to use a separate site/tab in my browser!
  3. Got me an iPhone 4

    I can browse the Internet fairly well on my phone (and have done so when I've been extremely bored waiting for something/someone and not near a computer etc.) using either the built-in browser or Opera browser that I've installed on it. But then, I wouldn't particularly want to use the Internet on my phone ordinarily - I have laptops and desktops for that purpose, I also have a netbook for when I'm travelling and need to keep up-to-date on my emails or need to use the Internet generally. A mobile phone will never be someone's #1 choice for web browsing with such a small screen, and I think if I had an iPhone I would still have the same opinion. Re. the phone holding - some people might hold their phones like that if they are on handsfree (I've seen people do it!). Regardless of how people hold their phones, you can't deny that there is clearly a fundamental problem with the iPhone if simply wrapping your hands around it causes it to lose signal strength? As a test I tried this on my Nokia and it still had full signal so it can't be said that this is a problem that all types of mobile phone have. I'm not saying that the iPhone is a piece of crap and Nokias rule BTW - I've had loads of phones from several manufacturers including Nokia that have been as useful as a chocolate teapot. I do think there is a gap in the market for 'better' phones though - is there not any phones that have the same or better features than the iPhone? If not, why not? Why must people buy an iPhone because it's the only 'cool' phone worth having? Sorry - I'm ranting and asking too many questions again - LOL!
  4. Got me an iPhone 4

    No offence to all you Apple fanboys/girls out there, but I'd rather have a phone that functions over one that looks pretty and does "cool" things. I use my phone for both business and personal use, so the last thing I need is something that won't consistently give me a full signal in a good signal area (whatever way I want to hold my phone - not how Apple dictates I should hold my phone) or pay for a phone that costs a year's wages in a third world country! I pay £30/month for my tariff with O2 and got my phone free, I refuse to pay nearly £200 for a phone that will be obsolete within a year (like most phones are anyway, let's face it) to keep my same tariff. Just my two cents.
  5. The IT Crowd Game

    Something to do in your lunch breaks... http://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-it-crowd/articles/the-it-crowd-game
  6. I have £1,225 to spend in PC World/Comet

    Don't be silly - we need another 3 months worth of discussion, at least.
  7. coffeehost offering free accounts

    Right Mister - both your "marsdend" and "CoffeeHost" accounts have been banned from these forums. We don't tolerate people using multiple accounts on these forums, especially those that attempt to use an account ("marsdend") to post a seemingly legitimate thread about a web host ("CoffeeHost") - you are a victim of your own stupidity as you also posted under "CoffeeHost" in another part of the forums last night using the same IP address...
  8. my dads little project!

    There's a little issue of "copyright" - you can't legally keep the "designed" bit as you are taking credit for someone else's work.
  9. Got me an iPhone 4

    The iPhone wouldn't have so many release issues if the Chinese workers that make them stop being so selfish by killing themselves and instead focused on the quality control of the products they manufacture. [/bad taste]
  10. Mountain Dew

    They did and do again - but like last time round it doesn't taste the same as the proper stuff from USA and Australia.
  11. Mountain Dew

    Well having just spent a couple of weeks in the USA and drinking Mountain Dew (normal and diet) for most of the time I can confirm it does not taste the same as the bottled stuff over here! Shame on you, Pepsi!
  12. Well done!

    You can't force people to reply to their own threads to say whether they've hired someone or not - half the time people don't even bother posting a decent amount of information on their threads. As Wizely says it would be nice if they even at least let a moderator know so we can close the thread - unfortunately people are either too busy or too lazy to do so...
  13. Well done!

    I think it is common knowledge that if you don't get a response then the OP either isn't interested in you or hasn't had the time to go through their replies. A bit like when you apply for jobs - hardly anyone will actually take the time to get back to you if you're unsuccessful I'm afraid. I would't take it personally.
  14. map of counties cities and villages

    It can be done using PHP and a MySQL database, pulling the info in when needed. Best to ask about that side of things on the "Server Side" forum.
  15. Any Australians on here...?

    I ask myself that question sometimes! I used to live in Bondi, not too far away from the beach. Went there for 2 weeks back in 2005, would love to go again (and persuade my other half to like it enough to want to move there permanently) but as you've probably found out you need to amass a shedload of cash for the move!