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  1. nublue

    Should I change hosts?

    There should be no SEO impact moving a site, unless performance drops off. Technically, most sites can be moved quickly & easily. An ecommerce site needs a holding page put up so orders aren't placed while it's being moved, unless so few orders are taken that you can add them manually to the moved site. DNS changes officially take upto 48 hours but usually just a few. If it's a static site then visitors won't see any interruption, just remember not to make any changes to site content until it's settled down. A lot of hosts now provide Let's Encrypt free SSL certs, I'd choose one of those.
  2. nublue

    Interesting observation...

    Domain expiry is a trigger point that sees them appear on sites like https://www.expireddomains.net/domain-lists/. I assume the expiry information includes an email address which they add to their spam lists.
  3. nublue

    Https - this looks like a pia

    Looks like you are hosted by Compila, now part of Vidahost, and if you scroll down to the hosting packages they list on their Compila announcement, the full features suggest they provide the free Let's Encrypt SSL. https://www.vidahost.com/welcome/compila
  4. Found this on an old Prestashop thread; "Fixed mine at least, with a little help I found that if you scroll far enough down on the SEO & URL's Page within the Backend>Preferences Section there is a URL's bit where you can punch in the domain name you want to use instead of the IP Address." https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/97471-ip-address-of-server-showing-in-browser-bar/
  5. nublue

    Deployment somewhere else

    It all takes some configuration on the hosting to set the wheels in motion, however you deploy the site, and the more hosts are used, the more hassle for you. If the site consists of files only (no DB), I'd stick to getting the credentials and using filezilla to do it for them.
  6. nublue

    Deployment somewhere else

    If I understand the concept, you are looking for a service that pushes a templated website to a new hosting package so it's ready for your client to just fill in the content? Interesting concept but I'm not aware that service exists, not even to push a base install of Wordpress onto a new hosting platform without some credentials. If you are going to let them use their own hosting, you'll need their logins. Why not provide a bundled service with the hosting as well as the template? That would make it easier for you to manage in the future and an opportunity to upsell maintenance packages.
  7. nublue

    Why is my Website so Slow.

    The IP you've provided is reported by GoDaddy as being located in Scottsville, Arizona - http://viewdns.info/iplocation/?ip=, same place as your current hosting ( brucefarms.co.uk resolves to Physical location may be different.
  8. Deleting a website for an unpaid invoice within a week is harsh, it should be a last resort. Are they sure it's been deleted and not just suspended to nudge them into paying?
  9. Depending how long this has been going on, the original host may still hold your site. Not all hosts delete sites as soon as they're cancelled, we suspend and leave them a period of time in case the client changes their mind, not unusual at all. They may also have their own backups going back even longer and could restore from those for you.
  10. nublue

    SSL issue with my .co.uk. (SSL)

    I wondered that myself and I can't think how. If you were using a shop PC to surf, there's extensions they can add to a browser that can force https if the site allows it but I'm not aware it can be done using a wifi router.
  11. nublue

    SSL issue with my .co.uk. (SSL)

    Yes, you've browsed to the https version of the site which needs a valid SSL certificate, otherwise Firefox wants you to get out of there. If you don't want/need an SSL certificate then stay away from the https version The final test is to go for another coffee, key in the normal http version of the address and see if it still appears. Let's Encrypt is worth checking out even if it's only used to secure your mail connection.
  12. nublue

    SSL issue with my .co.uk. (SSL)

    Looks like you are hosted by nfshost and the SSL certificate displayed when browsing to https://greylizardwebdesign.co.uk/ is one installed by nfshost to be used for Admin logins. That's not an unusual setup, if a site doesn't have an SSL it can try and use the default SSL installed on the server which, as you've seen, triggers the error message. If you fancy another coffee, a screenshot or copy of the actual message would help - or you could try using the https link above and let us know if it's the same message you remember. Let's Encrypt is a free SSL service and you'd need to check with your hosts whether it's available to you or not. Update: Your IP address is linked to NearlyFreeSpeech.NET and GridFury. NFS may be a reseller of GF hosting and you are an NFS client, or a client of their client!
  13. On a bad day, it's not unusual to see an attempt every few seconds and when they find a genuine wp-login page, that can ramp up to several per second. I know you don't have a login page but for anyone reading this that does, Fail2Ban is worth looking into. It monitors the hosting log files for failed logins, malicious activity, etc so it's independent of the hosted application.
  14. nublue

    Decommisioning a domain name

    I have a personal .com domain in a similar situation. No use for it but used it to create unique email addresses for website registrations (so I know which websites gave/sold/leaked my address to spammers). It's worth the annual renewal cost to know it's in safe hands.
  15. nublue

    Decommisioning a domain name

    There's no security issue if you're talking about the content of the domain's mailboxes, someone else getting the domain name would just change the DNS records to send mail to their server. If someone else bought the domain and either created mailboxes that happened to be the same address as the ones you used or configured email with a catch-all address then they might receive emails from the people you've given them to. Then you need to think about the sites and/or contacts that have got them and whether anything they send out might be an issue for you.