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Found 4 results

  1. jmerlinb

    Weebly custom HTML/CSS help?

    Dear all, Would anyone be able to tell me how to edit the HTML of my Weebly website's banner image (the bike in the rain)? I know it must be somewhere under Design > Edit HTML/CSS, but as I have little HTML knowledge, I am unsure where to look. If it helps, the end game is to make the banner image interactive (so that it changes back and forth between two images upon mouse over or clicking). Take a look: www.lightcycles.xyz
  2. sepal01

    Website builder help!

    Hi I've had a free website on weebly for the last couple of years using my own domain however since weebly changed to carbon and removed most of their free templates I've been looking to move my website elsewhere. I don't know much about coding apart from a bit of editing in weebly and I'm on a really tight budget (I'm a student) so I created an account on Wix, built my site and decided to upgrade to a free package (connect domain) for about £36 a year which was all fine, but after a couple of days I've decided I need to move again. The Wix branded ads are really annoying particularly the footer one that follows you as you scroll and I can't afford the next package up to remove the branding (the weebly branding was much less invasive). Do you have any suggestions for good quality website builders to try? I've tried wordpress and I don't like it. My website makes little to no money so I don't particularly want to splash out on something expensive. Thanks You can check my website out here to see what I mean. Any help appreciated!
  3. MagicHappensxx

    Weebly Gaps

    Hi there, I know many of you are experts on html and CSS and probably get frustrated with newbies, but I was hoping for some help on my weebly site. I am designing a site for a friend, but ran into something that seems simple to fix but after searching I can't see how to do it. I am an html CSS novice, but know more than my friend so offered to help. I like what I have done so far but weebly is creating this gap on the theme I chose between the navigation and my header. The header is not actually part of a header code as it is an image I added beneath the navigation bar. The other themes did not allow me to make her header look balanced in the layout. How do I remove the gap between the navigation bar and the image I have used as the header beneath it? I have attached the screen shot as its not live yet. In edit in weebly the gap keeps changing size, so no idea what it will look like when it goes live. Weebly support is no support on this. Happy to be directed to 'how to' if its too frustrating to help a newbie, I understand. Thanks in advance for your help, Kelly
  4. Hi, My client is currently using weebly and I would like to transfer the site to wordpress. However, they say they find the backend to confusing on wordpress. They will be reviewing next year about being able to put costs towards the website but wish to only have a free account for now. The website content will include a blog style record of the project, a portal for feedback/emails, and maybe in the future to act as a way of promoting the project to new audiences and making bookings for workshop places. Is there any advice on simplifying the backend process for clients? Am I right in thinking that weebly will be too limiting from a design point of view? Many Thanks Hannah