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  1. Transitioning from Squarespace to Wordpress

    Thank you for the reply guys. Unfortunately I am supporting the website all by myself and don't expect to get any profit from it, so probably will stick with Wordpress. Will take a look at the recommended hosting company as well, hope they work out fine. Thanks again!
  2. Dear WDF community, First, thank you once again for the feedback which you provided for my website when I started building it about a year ago, it was very helpful. I have been using Squarespace for it, and even though the platform improves the design, I feel there are too many limitations with it. That's why I am planning to move to Wordpress. However, I am still a beginner in website building and need some advice: Is Wordpress better than Joomla and Drupal? Which website hosting company is the best? Are premium themes worth it and do you have any recommendations in picking one? What hosting plan do you think will be enough for supporting a website like mine? SS for example has a limitation of max uploaded file size - 20MB. Are there such restrictions with regular hosting companies? Any tips on my transitioning will be appreciated. Thank you!
  3. New domain and name - Puzzle Prime Hello again. I feel my website has evolved a bit during the last few months, so it would be nice if I get your new impressions on the design and the functionality. Below I have listed some of the changes I have made: 1. Changed the name and the domain - Puzzle Prime, www.puzzleprime.com 2. Added some banners and custom graphics throughout the website 3. Improved the CTA buttons and the links 4. Added more sections and content - over 150 brain teasers, original detective story, over 100 video games, galleries with optical illusions, interviews, etc. 5. Toned down the orange 6. Added the website to pointlesssites.com, allmyfaves.com and few other places like these 7. Improved the social media presence 8. Made a new logo. Spent few hours on it, so possibly it is not the best, but feels like an improvement Some stats and concerns: Roughly 100 sessions per day, ~40% bounce rate in the last two months. Average session duration - 5:30 for all, 9:30 for non-bounce. The organic/google traffic is low however - roughly 10 sessions per day, with ~55% bounce rate. Average session duration - 3:30 for all, 7:30 for non-bounce. StumbleUpon performance seems very poor - 5 likes out of 180 stumbles (one is mine). Newsletter activity is pretty low, lately almost nobody signs up (~50 subscribers so far). Google doesn't list my website under pretty much any of the keywords I associate with. Any thought and comments would be appreciated. Cheers
  4. Heavily critique my site, please.

    Hi Grant, I'm not a designer/developer, so can give you just some simple user impressions. 1. Even though the pictures are nice and consistent throughout, I feel there is too much going on - my attention gets split. I see the stuff is about software/computers, but still feel a bit lost. Maybe if you have a large banner on top which makes clear what exactly the website is about will be good. 2. When I open some of the subsections, it is not immediately clear in what order I should read the paragraphs. 3. When I click on one of the buttons in the header navigation, the list drops down and the text gets permanently highlighted, but nothing else happens. I think it is nicer if I get redirected to the first subsection or at least don't make it clickable. 4. Your logo is very nice. I think it would be better if the text on the right side of it to be incorporated however. This way clicking on it will redirect me to the home page, and also there won't be issues with formatting. 5. As I said, the graphics are very nice, good composition. 6. The social links can be larger and put in the top right corner of the page. 7. It may be a good idea to have a subsection where people can see all the new blog posts you make. 8. For such website, a search bar can be very helpful. It is great you are utilizing your hobby to help others!
  5. I also think such simple layout is great for hosting service. That being said, with so little graphics, you must make sure the text is doing well all the work. These are few things I would change on the homepage: 1. Improve the resolution of the HOSTXNOW banner on the right side. 2. Add "or get your money back" in the tagline. 3. The line "Specialising in providing high quality managed pure SSD cPanel Hosting services" is not really a sentence and feels a bit off between the text above and underneath. 4. Stick either to "cpanel" or "cPanel". 5. Even though you have "contact" button at the bottom, I think it would be nice if it is (also) in the header navigation. I am not an expert, so you can take all of these points with a grain of salt:)
  6. Thanks for the reply dap. I guess it may actually work if the artwork is good enough. The entire picture will be colored (including the guy), so I don't think the white would be hard to read. If you need some good custom illustrations at good prices, you can check fiverr btw. There are some very talented artists there which work at low-end prices.
  7. Hey guys, I made a while ago a thread for reviewing my website, but now have a specific question in mind: Is it a good idea to have a large banner image on top of the homepage without any CTA on it? Possibly just the Title and the Tagline? My current homepage - www.puzzleprime.com, is not very good and I've been thinking how to get rid of the slider and split it into smaller images (as fisicx suggested), while keeping the design dynamic and engaging. I thought that maybe placing a beautiful illustration on top which conveys the website's message and simplifying the list of sections below the bar may be a good idea (sketch): www.puzzleprime.com/homebackup I understand that the lack of CTA and anything clickable above the bar may cause loss of interest, but my idea is that if the banner illustration is beautiful and interesting enough, it will urge the visitors to scroll down to the CTAs below it. What do you think?
  8. Hi, I saw the sudoku and it looks nice, may add it to my website. I have some questions about these products, so if you can contact me via PM would be great (I can't message you since have <25 posts). Best, Artur
  9. Is my content bad or just the design sucks?

    Hey everyone, I made some changes to my website as you recommended. Changed the name and address - now it is PUZZLE PRIME with url www.puzzleprime.com. Made it more readable - still sticking to orange and beige, but the theme is much lighter and the fonts are black. Changed the homepage - tried to make it more compact, intuitive, added visible social links and more clickable content. Judging by Google Analytics, the audience engagement has somewhat increased, but I'm afraid the new design may be worse than the old one. I keep adding content - at this time I have 100 selected brain teasers, 10-15 types of printable puzzles, 30 video games (had to play few hundreds of them to pick the best) and some other stuff. Still needs a lot, but steadily improving. I really like the ideas I got here and would appreciate any further suggestions and feedback. Best, Artur
  10. It is a puzzle site, which includes reviews of toys, books, etc. I am still thinking of a good new name and domain, will change them soon. Also will look into the colors again, will test white and light orange maybe. Once again, thanks for the tips.
  11. Thank you for the suggestions DW. I have chosen the colors and design on purpose - orange and beige are great for elearning, also didn't want to put too many distractions around. I guess the home page has to be rebuilt from scratch though, it is true it is not very engaging. About the content - I spent lots of time the last few weeks and I think it is not that bad. I have close to 100 high-quality brain teasers with solutions, tons of sudoku/kakuro/etc. materials, 14 online video games, as well as ~30 reviews of puzzle books/toys. I could upload a lot more, but I am testing all games/puzzles one by one and picking only the best. P.S. Couldn't find your sudoku and not sure what your product is. I will be interested to give a look:)
  12. Is my content bad or just the design sucks?

    OK guys, so is Oswald at the header and footer and Adobe Garamond Pro at the page content bad? I tried sticking to the same font everywhere, but it didn't seem to look much better... I'm not an expert though.
  13. Is my content bad or just the design sucks?

    Thank you, this definitely improved a lot the performance! It still takes time to hide the text on the UPDATES page, but I guess the blog is just too heavy to load everything properly at once.
  14. Is my content bad or just the design sucks?

    I think both of you are correct - just balanced it out a bit. Thanks! Yeah, I noticed that issue (pretty annoying), but have no idea how to fix it. I don't know CSS and just keep searching online for custom codes to add to the code injection sections. I also agree about the second suggestion, have to see if it can be changed as well. Thanks!
  15. Hey guys, I posted few days ago a topic about my website in another section of the forum. There I received some very useful suggestions, some of which already implemented. I feel that I still need lots of work to do however and that's why I believe the community here can be very helpful. My website is www.puzzlereview.com and it is all about brainteasers, puzzle problems, puzzle toys, logic video games, etc. With respect to the content, I try to stick to "quality over quantity" - no tons of mediocre brainteasers, thousands of sudokus or unappealing flash games there. However, the problem is that I don't get much traffic - rarely someone visits the website unless I send a link, also its presence in the search engines is not good at all. And even when someone visits, he stays for long or returns back later. The last few days I added lots of improvements (google analytics, share buttons, newsletter subscription, flash games, improved UI), so hopefully things will get better. However, it would be great if you can give me some ideas, suggestions, feedback, etc. Would appreciate it a lot. Sincerely, Artur P.S. The website is not monetized, no ads, no sells, even not affiliate. Later may add a "DONATE" button and maybe sell Puzzle T-Shirts for charity or something.