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  1. v1sual

    WOTM April 2014 winner - MMMedia!

    Beautiful website! Congrats
  2. v1sual

    27" Monitor

    Hey guys, I´m looking for a new monitor since my old is broken... It has to be 27" and should be affordable. Can any of you recommend some devices? Thank you!
  3. v1sual

    Rough Review

    Hey mate, the original site looks like it has... no stylesheet? If that´s not a bug, it wasn´t hard to create a better-looking design However I like your new version, it´s structure is just as it has to be, though I don´t like the color combination in the navigation but I bet that´s not your fault as you had to adopt their old logo (and the colours of it), true? Ah, the only negative thing I got to mention is the BIG header picture! It´s way TOO big in my opinion!
  4. v1sual


    Thanks, same for you
  5. v1sual

    Hi there

    Hey Mathieu, I really like your attitude, some backend devs don´t care too much about what the web designers / masters (have to) do. I´m glad there are people like you!
  6. v1sual


    Welcome Jay, maybe you´ve recognized I´ve just joined the forums too. Having the same background as you have (studying Digital Media Marketing) I´m also encouraged to learn more about designing & coding in web-languages! Have fun! =)
  7. v1sual

    help buttons bootstrap

    Hey graphicnerd, what exactly is your problem?! I don´t get it...
  8. Hey guys, my name´s Sascha and I´m a german student. I´ve been searching a while for a bigger, active webdesigner community. Unfortunately there seems to be no single active GERMAN board, but I´d probably rather be part of a english community to improve my english skills as it´s been a while since I communicated in english. (as you may see :-)) I hope I´ll have a good time here! Greets
  9. Welcome to the web designer forum v1sual :)