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  1. First Website Attempt - Feedback Needed

    Thank you. Im still playing around with the design so it will change a lot in the future. The only css template I'm using is normalize. I'm playing around with both normalise and css reset; I'm not using a fully built framework and the css elements were all hand coded. Thanks for the feedback, will bear it all in mind!
  2. First Website Attempt - Feedback Needed

    Thank you Weedy101, Ill definately take a look at TDD. Colour theory and UI/UX are on my to do list once I have gotten to grips with the areas I'm currently going over. There's a lot more to this than learning a few languages! Thanks Freddie
  3. First Website Attempt - Feedback Needed

    http://flyfreddie.com Hi guys, I wanted to share my progress in the world of web dev with you. Since my last post I have been non-stop learning and trying things out; I like to test out different aspects locally, and am using this portfolio site as my main online project. Since the great feedback above, I have worked on making sure my code is semantic, gone deeper into CSS and am getting quite comfortable with Sass (pretty nuts as i had heard of it but didn't really know what it did 2 months ago!). I've also been working on responsive delevlopment and have tried to implement elements of all of this into the site. Once again any feedback is welcome, it's good to hear from more experienced designers / developers. I have been full on since the end of December with learning web development, and I'm getting more confident with it all. I have also been studying Javascript which has been the biggest challenge so far, JQuery has been a slightly easier to pick up but still quite tough. Next on my to-do list is php and more advanced Wordpress development. I have a long long way to go, but its nice to see some progress being made. I just wanted to share this as I'm sure there are a ton of people in the same boat as me, so just want to say its a long road but a fun one. I aim to keep the blog updated with my progress, and any useful tips for beginners etc. Thanks guys Freddie
  4. haha, Yeh it looks a bit nuts from the outside, but when you're training or just involved its not so bad. Just feels like any other sport.
  5. I have trained and competed professionally in Muay Thai for 5 years. Love the training, plus all the health and inner strength benefits. My main interest is business though, Started my own clothing company 2 years ago and loved every minute of it. Now though I'm completely focused on learning Web development, and making a career in that. I really appreciate how skilled designers and developers are!
  6. First Website Attempt - Feedback Needed

    The first time i attempt to learn something I have used code academy as it's easy to use. Then as i look to progress in that subject have switched to Treehouse and recently Codeschool. This formula seems to be working well for me. I agree it's definately worth the investment! Thanks
  7. First Website Attempt - Feedback Needed

    Hi throzen, thanks a lot for the feedback! Yes i hear what you're saying about the vanilla coding. I had just started on the updated elements for html5, so i'm trying to stick to them now. Also yes Javascript /Jquery and responsive design are the things im focusing on at the moment. I'm trying to pick 1 or 2 areas to work on each month and to keep building that way. I completely respect anyone who's good with javascript as its been tough to understand! Jquery has been a bit easier so far. I have been playing with the site as I go along; right now I've gone for a simple home page and have been putting work into the blog. I've been able to edit elements of Wordpress themes which is cool, as it shows me I'm picking things up. I think there must be a million people in my position so i want to start sharing updates on my journey through learning to code! Thanks again for the feedback.
  8. First Website Attempt - Feedback Needed

    Oh and yes I've been using Treehouse and Codeacademy so far to learn with. I'll be sure to check out Code school!
  9. First Website Attempt - Feedback Needed

    Hi guys, Thanks very much for the feedback. I definitely take your point about the paintbrush, I set myself a challenge to put this site together in a day, so the brush was one of the last things i did and was a bit rushed. dap - Thanks, yeh i'll update the slogan so it looks a bit clearer as to what it is. And yeh i did use paragraph tags to space each line out. rbtsmth - Thanks for the encouragement, its really good to hear other people's stories as its my goal to be reasonably good at this by the end of 2014. I've pretty much been doing what you did, spending as much time as i can learning after I get home from work. This website isn't for use, just for me to practice with so ill be making lots of changes and improvements to it. Ill definitely be working on the things you have pointed out. Thanks again for the feedback! If anyone else comes across this then feel free to leave your views Freddie
  10. Hi guys, http://www.flyfreddie.com/index.html This is my first attempt at a fulli-sh website, and i'd love some feedback. I have been learning web development in my spare time since December, with a view to a career change by the end of the year. The idea here was to attempt to build a basic portfolio website. It is all html and css, no js or responsive as i'm still learning those skills. There are a still few things i need to fix like the contact form. I'd love your feedback as this is the first full-ish website that i have built. Thanks guys Freddie
  11. CV Advice on a career change

    I'm in the same boat, 29 now and spent the last 6 years doing a job a just 'ended up' in. I'm now spending as much of my free time as possible learning design/development. I really want to make the career change and get into it full time. I've also been wondering about what i would put on a cv and how long it would take me to be ready, so It's definitely inspiring to hear your story!
  12. Need advice about choosing web desing as my proffesion

    I've been at this a lot since my last post and it's going well! I started off with Codeacademy which was good as you get to actively work on what you're learning. I've now started using Treehouse which id say has been great as well. It's nice to see it all explained to you on their videos which helps a lot, id definitely recommend both. I'd also recommend building your own sites as mantis just said; I've been doing this a lot and it really is all about learning by doing!
  13. Need advice about choosing web desing as my proffesion

    Hello guys, Been reading up on various threads like this and they're very helpful. I'm also very keen to get into web development and the route I am planning to go down to begin with is learning: HTML5 CSS3 Java Script I'm also planning on learning PHP afterwards I have a full time job so will be doing this in my spare time, with a view to then getting experience via interning or working for free and going from there. For the guys that know coding, did you learn at home yourself or join a class of some sort? I have done a previous evening class and think i do better in those surroundings. But finding a suitable one is a lot harder then working from home. Thanks for your help in advance Freddie