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  1. So, I've been looking for techniques that will improve SEO beyong the classic ''write great contents'' 'drop keywords'' ''fill in your alt, title etc tags'' and ''add backlinks'' One technique I found was to use Structured Data Markup (http://www.adherecreative.com/blog/bid/153475/What-is-Structured-Data-and-Why-Does-it-Matter-for-SEO) I wonder if anyone else knows of any more related SEO improvement techniques?
  2. portfolio for a job interview

    yes, you're right, btw, how does a freelancer / company owner gives references? I'm thinking about asking some of my best customers to vouch for me.. what would you do?
  3. portfolio for a job interview

    lol, buying a battery isn't something I could do on the high street, got order from ebay/amazon and wait 5-7 days delivery so not enough time. How about the slideshow idea, do you think it would be a bad one? I always forget to say all I want on an interview, a slideshow would make things a lot easier but not sure if it's usual
  4. portfolio for a job interview

    they are after a front-end developer with HTML5, CSS3 and Wordpress experience so I thought a good idea to show my WordPress built websites and explain how i use HTML/ CSS/ Javascript and PHP to make customizations, currently working as a freelancer/my own small company so I'm wearing several hats, I hope I'm not mixing up the roles. Do you think that's a good idea? Guess, I will have to dust off the old laptop (acer 5742G) my laptop battery doesn't work any more and I don't have enough time (or money) to buy a new one, do you think it would be too embarrassing to take a no battery laptop and ask where they have a plug I could use? Thanks a lot for your help
  5. portfolio for a job interview

    lol. you are so right regarding the wifi, but you never know.. hah it's front end developer so I'm guessing they will want to see a combination of code and design Build the websites locally is a simple idea I should've thought about, thanks. I will be taking an ipad with me, so not too sure how to upload websites to it but I'm sure it's something I can figure out how, besides, there must be an app for it
  6. portfolio for a job interview

    So, a lot is talked about how important a portfolio is for a job interview but I wonder what format you guys use? The obvious choice would be a web page but then I really like the idea of a slideshow as I might not necessarily have internet access at the interview room. With a slideshow I could create slides explaining parts of my work with illustrations, that will ensure I don't forget anything. How did you guys make a portfolio, or, if you've hired before, what kind of portfolio has impressed you?
  7. Has anybody tried uguru bootcamp?

    also, the high price is justified because it's not a simple course with sales tactics, it's a bootcamp, they will guide you for 12 weeks, you can come back to them for advice and they will hold your hand and tell you what you're doing wrong.. it's not tricky sales tactics, nothing black hat, here's an article from them which is very helpful: http://www.ugurus.com/blog/double-or-triple-your-prices-by-asking-better-questions in case anyone is interested. I applied for the boot camp and they declined me, they said the boot camp is only suitable for people with more mature projects (eg. people who sells 2k websites on average and would like to increase sales), as my website price was lower than that they said I'm not mature enough and gave me a free e-book on how to increase sales, they told me to come back when my websites sells for an average 2k so it seems they are really serious, honest people.
  8. Has anybody tried uguru bootcamp?

    I always hear people say this about building good reputation, good websites etc.. I have made about 15 websites, my customers are always very happy with the end result, in fact a few of then even pay me an extra £25-£50 as a tip to show their appreciation, a lot of them tell me how much better I am from the previous web designer who just disappeared or who never used to reply to e-mail etc, I've never had one single unhappy customer yet I never get referrals I've even given some business cards to some of them asking them to refer me to their friends as I'm looking for new customer and still no new customers what am I doing wrong?
  9. I really need to increase my revenue, although my current customers are really happy with my services, I am a terrible sales person so struggling to get new customers. I watched a free web seminar from this uguru people and they do seem very good, they have a paid boot camp (https://www.ugurus.com/) that supposedly will teach you how to land us$ 10k websites, how to sell, how to find the correct kind of customers etc. I need the course but at a eye-watering £2300 I am not sure.. Has anyone done it and got any results?
  10. What UK Broadband Service Do You Use? Is It Any Good?

    1) What UK broadband service do you use? Sky Broadband 2) What package did you go for and why? £16.80 free broadband and tv for a year because my area doesn't have fiber optic internet it was cheap 3) Is it any good? not very good. Some days it's off for a whole morning, sometimes it's very slow 4) What would you give it out of 10? 5 5) How quickly does customer service answer the phone? N/A 6) Are the staff knowledgeable about technical issues? N/A 7) Would you recommend the service? no, go for something faster / more reliable
  11. Lovely! That's exactely what I was after D4Y0, many thanks
  12. Building a mobile version of a site

    get rid of the <table> tags on the body, instead use <div>, then give the <div> to the right a certain width in percentage (eg. width: 70%) and to the left give the remaning width. do the same, get rid of all tables and all fixed width (eg. width: 800px should become a percentage) then use rules such as @media only screen and (min-device-width : 690px) and (max-device-width : 1069px) { } to tidy it up. hope it helps
  13. Hi, I am trying to remember what is called an effect that creates a text like: "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pr oin aliquet a est ac dignissim. Ut sagittis laoreet nisl, nec pellentesque dol or. Vestibulum imperdiet lectus at dui luctus ornare." I know how to do it using CSS (obviously), however I am trying to find website with similar examples for inspiration.. I haven't seen a webiste with this kind of look in a while so I wonder if it's still being used? Any idea of how it's called so I can look for inspiration? Thanks
  14. Nice one do you provide the terms and condition then or do you send your customer there to look for it? Just wondering what other people do
  15. Do people actually pay for a lawyer to draw a contract? sounds so expensive..