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  1. But surely SE-O is only for regional searches around London? It would depend on where your target audience is. I see regional spheres like NE-O if you're targeting Newcastle, SW-O for Plymouth etc.
  2. I hate American spelling so the 's' rules. But if my client's site is targeting Americans guess what? I go 'z' crazy. It's what the audience wants not what we do. Of course there's nothing wrong with going round their houses one-by-one and beating them to death with a dictionary. Takes a lot of time for popular sites but well worth it if you can avoid being caught.
  3. Amateurs all of you. Eight sides? My God... what do you hope to achieve with just 8 sides? Real SEO professionals use 90 sides, oh yes... 90 as any guru will tell you SEO in fact stands for "Single Effect Octacontagon". That's why true SEO gurus can actually fold space and time to pack all these sides in a two dimensional space. Only an idiot would try to make sites that were 90-sided. Learn to fold space and time first, then SEO is relatively simple from there... it's the foundation of the "Theory of Specific Relativity in SEO".
  4. Something I've been asking folks for a long time... are you sure it's your client that's stupid? Read the following excellent article before you're so quick to wade in on that egotistical bandwagon and ask yourself honestly who really is being the stupid one - the client who might not know better or demand too much, or the designer who should know better or let's himself be taken advantage of. LINKY
  5. Ooh... I don't come into this part of the forum which is no surprise given my following question! OK,so I have a copywriting client who's a nice fella and he's asked for advice on how to take credit cards on his site. Now I'm obviously not going to be doing any nasty design work but I'd like to be able to point him in the right direction as to what he might need... it'd be interesting for me to understand it too! Apologies if this has been answered before, I did read through several threads here, but am still confused. Right, so here's what he wants: 1. To take credit/ debit card payments! 2. For that to happen as seamlessly as possible 3. He's only got 3 or 4 products with some 'bolt on' options 4. An all-in-one solution that doesn't need a separate merchant account, too fiddly a set up or the need to store customer's credit card details. Seamless means preferably onsite, or if not, as unobtrusively and smooth as possible keeping under his branding. Wants something like 'buy now' buttons but with a little more ability to add options... no real need for a 'shopping basket' as such and definitely not a whole ecommerce site. He's not expecting free - he wants the best, simplest, smoothest and reliable. Does that make sense? Sorry if it's obvious and already been answered. Any guidance I can tell him about what he'd have to do to set it up (not technical details, rather plain English generalities) would also be muchly appreciated. I might even be able to talk him into getting one of you to implement it!
  6. A website for technophobes

    Good man and good advice... see, I knew you'd prove your inherent goodness.
  7. A website for technophobes

    Yes... thanks guys for that insightful opinion! How about some constructive suggestions, pointers or possible resources to help a beginner out? You are good people, now rise to it!
  8. Did i charge more for these mouse pads?

    Right decision - for $1 each design would have to take you 2mins to make it worth it! Except maybe the England design.. considering the short life span of the product maybe that would only be worth a dollar!
  9. Why cant I attach images?

    There's another one then! Scott was having trouble the other day. I posted an image to show him I could and I see Lev has here for you. Give it another go... try with a small image you know should work and in the mean time I'll see if anyone more technically-minded than me (so pretty much anyone) can find out what the problem is.
  10. I'll share the love and give Lev another +1 just for the "They don't whine comment"! Plus he just helped me by spotting a broken link on one of my sites so I'm giving back in my own way!
  11. I've won the lottery!

    Shouldn't it have been the Nigerian lottery?! I think the problem you had was probably, because it's a tweetpic url the link doesn't pass the forum software's filters as the link isn't to an actual image file if you get me (it doesn't point to 'blah.com/blah.jpg' or whatever? Or maybe it's all the porn you usually post means you're blocked from uploading more smutty pics! Look, an image!:
  12. You have to read this article...

    Ah yes... brilliant! I believe that's the same toolbar where you'll find these buttons: 1. 'Calculate how much I should charge for this' 2. 'Auto keyword stuffifier' 3. 'Generate high bounce rates' 4. 'Copy latest trend' 5. 'Stuff the blind' I'm sure there are more...
  13. You have to read this article...

    I can't remember which button it is that creates it in Dreamweaver but I'm sure someone will be able to tell us.
  14. You have to read this article...

    So you're saying 'content matters'? Interesting... I might look into that!
  15. You have to read this article...

    Read that one... but didn't finish it - the pyramid should be 80% 'graphics' and, well, who cares about the rest?! And all those words? Couldn't get past that first image. When will these experts stop banging on about content being the most important aspect of a successful web strategy? Don't they read WDF?