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  1. Yes, it's the view:r theme, and I doubt it took that much effort to go to the style file and read the comments at the top, but there have been a lot of changes made; for example, there is no header, but a floating navigation bar at the top that's been developed using php, and displays different menus depending on whether you are logged in and what your permissions are on the site.
  2. Hi there, I recently launched an app news, review and editorial site - name Applidat (take a look at http://www.applidat.com). I was wondering what your opinions were on the general design of the site and if there was anything you could pick up on. Thanks! Danai
  3. Agreed - it's horribly positioned and BLEUGH asdsdahsakdjashjhdaskjas (genuinely how I feel!) Although there is nothing you can really do this time - in future, write up a contract and make sure you receive a portfolio first!
  4. Windows 8 Release Preview

    I quite liked certain aspects of the first release, but it does need to be improved greatly before releasing. I just hope they listen to the public :/
  5. Just Finished CSSimple!

    If anybody would like the BETA and has vb.NET framework, I'll happily send them the current .exe !
  6. Just Finished CSSimple!

    Bump. Just fixing some general output flaws. Should be up by thursday!
  7. Hi

    Welcome to the forums - if you have any questions, feel free to ask! Danai
  8. Granted, but on that day the world explodes. I wish that I ---------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. Granted but you get hit by a car and die muahahahah I wish to be promoted to an officer in the army
  10. Just Finished CSSimple!

    I finally finished my CSS generator - named CSSimple - yesterday. It's in BETA at the moment as I don't know what extra CSS functions you'd like in it. Contains in input and output half of the program - and a save function which saves wherever you want as *yourname*.css. The copy to clipboard function currently does not work although I'll have that working soon :3 There is also no secure auth system for now - just a simple if system. Will post it here soon
  11. need some names!

    Blu Baker and Alexandra Cook
  12. granted but you spend all your money on hookers I wish to win this game
  13. New Logo

    Anyone for CC?
  14. PSD to HTML

    I suppose I could switch to fireworks - but I'm much too lazy to learn all the functions - whereas in Photoshop I know every single tool inside out. Personally after attempting to use fireworks, I found that text effects were much harder to create - and I do know that I should really be using fireworks as it is a bridge between Photoshop and Illustrator - but I find that using Photoshop and Illustrator separately suits me best
  15. New Member TEEHEE

    Welcome to the forums! Feel free to ask any questions if you're a little stuck and remember to have fun! See ya round! Danai